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Empath Info

Here’s the 7 different types that are.

Receptive To Physical Pain.

These types of epmaths respond to the physical pain of others. They absorb the physical suffering of those around them. Because of this, they make excellent healers.


All empaths have a “gut instinct,” but certain types of empaths have a stronger sense than others. They are the ones who can tell if someone is lying, or going to lie, before they even speak. These types of empaths tend to say they “just know,” or “have a feeling” a lot of the time.

Animal Communicator.

There are special types of empaths who can easily communicate with animals. They feel the joy, fear, and pain of every living creature, and animals are drawn to them.


If you feel like you have a strong connection to plants, trees, and the earth, you are most likely a geo-evolutionary empath.

Energy Clearer.

Certain types of empaths can pick up on energies of inanimate onjects, and feel the emotions tied to them, like a photograph or book. They can do this with people as well. Combined with an empaths natural healing abilities, an energy clearer can be quite helpful with removing unwanted energies.


This type of empath can tell what someone is thinking without the other person needing to say a word. They can read people like a book.


The visionary empath receives and interprets messages through dreams or animal guides. This usually manifests as a precognative experience; you can predict events before they occur.

Alternative explanations.

1. Emotional Empathy is the most common – you will feel and process the emotions of those around you either knowingly or unknowingly, if you feel drained in the presence of those that are struggling or feeling hindered it is a sign their emotions have leaked into your aura and cleansing is recommended.

2. Medical Empathy is a lesser known gift, most commonly it is not used by practitioners in a conscious way they may just ‘feel’ an awareness on or in their physical body when reading for or treating someone or bringing through a loved one who passed from a condition, they can also ‘see’ blockages in a person’s energy field that may need treating. Medical empaths are more common than you would know, and if you have this gift you may find yourself replicating the symptoms of your friends, partner or clients even if you are not physically in the same country as them and you may not even be aware of their health issues. If medical empathy is something you possess, learning to strengthen your own energy field will help this gift get stronger whilst being able to be ‘turned off’ when you are not with clients it also means that you will not be affected by another’s health issues all be it by default.

3. Place empathy is another gift which goes largely unmentioned. If you have the awareness that you are uncomfortable or alternatively really happy in a certain location then this is your particular brand. Place empathy can occur remotely by tuning into a photograph or area remotely, you can also use this gift when moving on lost souls, or loved ones to heaven. People with this gift will often exhibit ‘chills’ or ‘wanting to leave’ if the location they are in houses old energy or emotions.

4. Intellectual empathy is a gift that is a real benefit depending on the company you keep. If you possess this gift then you will tap into the thoughts and perspectives of those around you. This is wonderful if you keep high vibrational company even remotely. It allows you to ‘duplicate the consciousness’ of individuals that you admire and would like to be just a little bit alike. the great thing is this doesn’t take from them as consciousness is always available on a mass scale as well as personally.

However, if you have people or clients that are worried or upset or operating from a ‘lack’ point of view, then protecting your energy and your mental body is a must. Signs that you have this gift are changing your language over a short period of time, experiencing views that are out of character to you, and suddenly developing an urge to seek out information of a new kind in a way that hadn’t presented itself before.

5. Environmental empathy is one of the least known gifts, and the souls that possess this are called Earth Primordials. They will often feel great sadness when the Earth is going through trauma and transition, and will also pick up on the sadness or fear in certain geographical areas.

You will also find if you possess this gift you are drawn to animals and nature, and will feel a kinship to woods, trees and landscape and want to keep them as natural as possible. Environmental empathy can be exhibited by those that use their healing powers to send love to Gaia and also those who take on the causes of the Earth to make it a better place for all to live.

jodiecomersource:some celebrities that congratulated Jodie on…

jodiecomersource:some celebrities that congratulated Jodie on her BAFTA win (May 12-13, 2019)

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13th (2016)

Dir. Ava DuVernay

Everyone, especially my fellow white people, should watch this film.

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Chinese fandoms are currently experiencing an actual Purge right now. Every fandom. Accounts are getting banned, all shipping wars has been put on hold. Everyone’s hiding their porn and moving them to ao3. 

There’s reward money involved. A recent update to censorship law raised the maximum reward for reporting illicit online materials to 50k yuan (7000 USD), so some people are reporting porn like crazy right now, and apparently, BL fandoms have been especially targeted, where some even more tame things got maliciously misreported. 

Anyway, it’s a mess. Content creators are just disappearing off the face of the internet left and right. Expect an influx of Chinese porn fics on AO3. 

Well… if there’s one thing out of this mess… nothing bands warring ships/fandoms like censorship… 

Seems like the cash reward will be 

600,000 yuan ($86,000) from December 1st…!

CTNG news

Tweet pleading for people not to repost any fanart taken offline by Chinese creators

Hey guys, if some awesome person in China translated your fic into Chinese or created fan art, you really should spread the word! This could affect someone you know!

This is also a call out to all you fuckwits that repost art on Tumblr, twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Your negligence hurts people.


This is literally shitty and it has become worse and worse

Hopefully it will stop before long but just take care of how yiou take your stances on ao3 or what’s happening with Tumblr

A chinese homoerotic novel writer is sentenced to 10 years to prison because of “illegal publication”*  and “spread of obscene materials”. After that, China government set up bounty for reporting “illegal publication”. Everyone on weibo, lofter etc. is deleting thier posts.

China is using this act as a way of controling the freedom of speech, it’s not just a matter of “no homo”. They just use the fandom content creators as an easy target and a way to scare people off from writing and publishing things the government doesn’t like.

China is living the Nineteen Eighty-Four novel. Please don’t post chinese fan works, especially not with their original chinese artists/writers right now. You could literally ruin their life.

* in China every book has to be approved by the government before
publication. Anything against the government or with “the wrong idea” will be banned. Their government didn’t pay too much attention to fan books before, but in recent years, they are tightening their grip on their people. Fandom and their activities as a whole has become a target because 1) fandom and their creative community make self-publishing a thing and China doesn’t like that the people know it’s easy to print stuffs (to spread unwanted information/ideas etc. 2) fandom and their creative community is the easiest and obvious target because of the general anti LBGT+ envirnment, general public will support the gornment for “cleansing the society from obscenity” withouth thingking about 1)

I read a lot of Chinese xianxia light novels, especially queer ones, and the prospect of the content creators I love actually ending up in jail for it is just unbelievable.

This is just so fucked up guys, be informed.

The Perils of Allowing “Medieval Fantasy” to Be Sexist and Racist for “Historical” Reasons

The Perils of Allowing “Medieval Fantasy” to Be Sexist and Racist for “Historical” Reasons:


As HBO’s Game of Thrones reaps the critical onslaught following its most recent episode—with allegations of sexism and lazy writing concerning Dany—it brings up a larger issue. This concerns the passes we give to shows that have sexist and racist writing but hide behind the veil of “historical accuracy,” even when dealing with a fantasy story.

Whenever discussions come up about the depictions of women in fantasy shows that take place in a fictional past, or in an altered version of our past, there are many excuses that are allowed to be passed around. “Women didn’t have as many rights in the past” is not an excuse for subjecting women to sexual violence, writing them using sexist tropes, or to give them a passive position. Even if we were just picking from European history, it is filled to the brim with Queen Regents who ruled without men and consorts who managed to carve their own power out of a sexist system. History is full of revolutionary women across every strata, but they are rarely depicted.

The casual way sexual assault is handled is often done to show the “brutality” of the past, when rape is just a part of today’s reality and many women still do not receive justice. I have criticized Outlander for this on multiple occasions because the show has, almost every season, used rape as a plot device to highlight the vulnerability of certain people. Every time, the show has hidden behind “history” to excuse what it is doing, when it’s just lazy storytelling and a quick way to craft empathy for certain people over others.

Even if you want to address the issues of racism and slavery in the past, then you actually have to have something to say about it. Outlander constantly wants to have complex slave owners, and try and put itself in that time period to make it a more “complex” story.

Yet, when making a show in this century, why do we need to operate as if we haven’t had academic books and historians unpack that there is no real such thing as a “good slave owner.” Why are they so committed to being “historically accurate” when it comes to their idea of sexual violence, but feel the need to pass no judgment on the cruel realities of the places they are writing in.

This is a problem because too often, fans of series get defensive about fantasy. They act as if calling out these points is an attempt to force an agenda when really it’s a call to writers to do more with their work than more of the same. The excuses that certain time periods “aren’t for everyone” is a non-starter because there are whole sites and accounts like Medieval POC dedicated to sharing images of people of color in European Art. These ideas are limited, and what’s worse is when other POC start to believe it.

All this to say, y’all should watch Harlot, Killjoys, and other fantasy/sci-fi series that actually care about women, LGBTQ and non-white people.

Some recommendations:

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