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I’m supposed to believe after all this time a public encounter of Cait and her Fiance just happens to happen right now? And, coincidentally sent right into a shipper DM box? They should have just ignored. #believabilityiskey

And not for us.  But at some point, I wonder when neutrals will (if they haven’t already) realize their intelligence is being insulted too.

Redeem Me: Chapter Twenty-Two


Thanks to beta @notevenjokingfic and to all the wonderful amazing incredible people who continue to support me with this story! 

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Shadow of the Past 

“For the last time, I’ll go—” she said, tongue peeking out, tracing her upper lip in concentration as she hopped around the studio on one foot, trying to get a sock on. “You stay here and sleep a bit more. You need the rest.”

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catsbeaversandducks:Inspired on a SeeBangNow comic.

catsbeaversandducks:Inspired on a SeeBangNow comic.

States with the worst anti-abortion laws also have the worst infant mortality rates

States with the worst anti-abortion laws also have the worst infant mortality rates:



This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since it’s a relationship that’s been known for years, but the states with the harshest restrictions on abortions also have the worst infant mortality rates.

The correspondence is unmistakable, and not hard to explain: Those states’ governments also show the least concern for maternal and infant health in general, as represented by public policies.

Advocates of women’s healthcare rights moved promptly to issue reminders of the connection Tuesday, after the Republican-dominated Alabama Legislature passed the most draconian anti-abortion bill in the nation. Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signed the measure Wednesday.

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