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abismo-sideral: “Deep listening is the kind of listening that can help relieve the suffering of…


“Deep listening is the kind of listening that can help relieve the suffering of another person… You listen with only one purpose: to help him or her to empty their heart.”


Our Son, Arc II, Reasons to stay, Chapter 17.


Thank you to @crownqueenkate ironically my beta queen to match her username. Thanks to @notevenjokingfic who I haunted and to @ladyviolethummingbird and @claryclark who are so supportive of this fic. I haven’t written for ages and you go through stages where you wonder if you are ever going to write again but the mist cleared and here I am! thanks for waiting and all the asks, more importantly thanks for reading and talking about this fic. the comments spur me on! Some below is NSFW

Early morning light crept in through the blinds, my arms immediately reached for Claire, seeking her warmth only to be met with cool sheets. I sat up quickly, my head was fuzzy from a deep restorative sleep.

I had watched Claire for a long time before sleep pulled me into the abyss, safe in the knowledge I was under the same roof as her and Willie again. I had lain awake in Hellwater often, with physical pain in my chest from missing them.

Now waking to know she was only feet away, that I would have breakfast with them, hear the soft sounds she made in the morning as she showered and dressed, watch Willie wolf down his cereal while he asked ten questions between each mouthful. Simple things, but things that made me breathe properly for the first time in months. Simple things I had only really known recently, we had only lived as a family for such a short time, but it was like I instantly knew I didn’t want any other life knowing what it was like to have them.

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Deep as the Road is Long (Part III, Chapter 20)


Rating: General Audiences

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April 2017

They’re tangled together in bed when Jamie shifts, grabbing his phone to check the time. When he puts it down, there’s a breath exhaled, arms wrapping around her for a moment as he kisses her forehead.

“I should go, Sassenach. It’s officially time to get back to running the bookshop full time. Which means I need to go home for a shower and clothes.” His lips find hers now, lingering and unable to pull away from her despite his words.

For her part, Claire shifts with him when he rolls from his side to his back, winding up draped across his chest, which makes his skin easier to kiss while she thinks. She doesn’t let him go anywhere, lips drifting from one side of his chest to the other before finally speaking.

“What if this was your home?” It’s a quiet question and the silence after is even quieter.

Pushing himself up against her headboard, Jamie looks at her as his fingers move through her hair. “Move in wi’ ye?”

Claire nods and sits up beside him, curling her legs under her body. “You’re less than a mile from the bookshop here, and from the shop, it’s not that far to the gardens, then back here. Right now, you have to drive all the way back to Lallybroch, then turn around and come this way again. If you were already here, well…you wouldn’t have to leave so early.” She isn’t unsure about asking, she wouldn’t have if she had any doubts, but nerves hit right at the last minute. “There’s no pressure, Jamie, you don’t have to, I only thought it might be easier.”

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How would someone who’s not a true OL fan know that was Caitriona? I would barely recognize actors in public from the shows I do watch, never from shows I don’t watch. And then she knows Caitriona is engaged & knows the guy’s name? More absurdity added to this scenario. They need to up their game, this seems to be their worse attempt at a plant.

hahaha…honestly, it’s just beyond ridiculous.  I have no idea how this all works.  Do they get an angry call from the higher ups ordering them to an assigned time and place for a damage control photo?  Or does Parnell have a stack of them at the ready?  Or do they realize they’ve been spotted and fly into action to try and fix it before the bosses find out?   In that bag he carries does Tony have a copy of the graduates list from the Acme Correspondence School of Media Relations?  You’d think if it was their true PR people, like the professional ones, the ones they, you know…pay, that it would be handled differently, more professionally.   But maybe not.  I don’t know. I just know it’s ridiculous and getting more so with each new attempt

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Killing Eve | The best of Carolyn Martens 

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