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Fanfiction – Something Beautiful


I’ve needed some hand-holding while writing this chapter and @holdhertightandsayhername offered me just that. This chapter contains nsfw material and it’s a tad long for my standards. Just one more to go, thank you so much for reading!


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Something Beautiful

Part IX – Law of Cooling

I wouldn’t recall with clarity
the moments immediately before and after the HM Coastguard helicopter touched ground, amidst the competing roars
of wind and propellers, as I awaited (petrified)
on the helipad. I had argued, threatened and begged my way into the restricted area,
with no small amount of help from Jamie’s close mates. Two members of the cabin
crew jumped outside as soon as it was deemed safe by the ground team,
transporting a stretcher with one of the shipwreck victims, visibly distressed;
but my eyes saw nothing but the exhausted redheaded diver erupting from the
helicopter, bundled in a heating blanket. He walked slightly unbalanced and was
promptly bolstered by another member of the force, until our eyes met.

“Jamie!” I blurted, mindlessly running towards him. I crushed him
inside my arms – somehow, for once, I felt that my insignificant body was
enough to enfold him whole -, sobbing and inhaling the fishy and slightly oily
smell of his skin and gear. “You scared the bloody hell out of me!”

“Sassenach.” He stammered, his jaw tense, and I realized he was
forcing his teeth not to rattle, like castanets of a Spanish dancer. The rim of
his eyelids, generous lips and short-clipped nails were a shade between purple
and blue. “Crivens, maybe ye think I wasna frightened, too?”

“You’re not allowed,” I sniffed, not-so-discreetly kissing the side
of his jaw, engrossed by the need to know him real and safe. “Only one of us
can be scared at a time, and it’s my turn.”

We limped unstably like a crippled four-legged monster towards the
ambulance stationed close by, the first responders ready to do a meticulous
assessment and to transport Jamie to the Royal
for a complete examination. But after having his blood pressure
checked, his chest auscultated and his pupils flashed with a lantern, Jamie was
adamant that he was “tekul”, only in
dire need of a hot bath and extra-blankets on his own bed. We had a short but
heated squabble, as I insisted that he followed protocol instead of being “pigheaded and a wallaper” and Jamie
stated that I was being a “tadger”,
instead of “winching him properly”.

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sassenachwriter: Til Kingdom Come 7. Swallowed in the Sea A/N: Like I said two days ago, there…



Til Kingdom Come 7. Swallowed in the Sea

A/N: Like I said two days ago, there are only two chapters of this fic left, but there will an arc 2 and 3 :D Thanks to everyone who read and review and thanks to @lcbeauchampoftarth for doing an amazing job as the beta of this fic! Enjoy!

Ch. 1 We Never Change | Ch. 2 Parachutes | Ch. 3 Things I Don’t Understand | Ch. 4 Everything’s Not Lost | Ch. 5 A Message | Ch. 6 Life is For Living / Mood Board

“And I could write a book

The one they’ll say that shook

The world and then it took

It took it back from me

And I could write it down

Or spread it all around

Get lost and then get found

And you’ll come back to me

Not swallowed in the sea”

In the days after they returned back from the past, Claire and Jamie hardly saw one another. They were expecting people to be looking for them, but they never expected the media to fully cover their return.

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