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Full disclosure I’m interested in the truth regardless of outcome but I’m confused by your last answer cause when they rolled out the fengagment publicly that was part of what made everyone think it wS fake . So if she did marry her vamp and did it privately now that’s what makes that fake? 🥴

There are just so many things that make both the loud fengagement and a silent marriage look fake, all of them to do with a total lack of congruency.  A classy lady like Cait doesn’t get engaged without an engagement photo more recent than an old shot taken at an industry event a year prior.  Someone with Cait’s sense of humour doesn’t not smile, ever, even a little,  when she’s with the love of her life. Someone with Cait’s passion about treatment of women doesn’t settle for someone who can’t be bothered to look her way or offer support when her name is called at an awards ceremony.  Someone who’s always been tight lipped about their whereabouts doesn’t suddenly start a blow by blow account of their Australian vacation, and someone who’s planning on announcing their engagement to the public in a dignified way doesn’t let it slip through seven incarnations by a tabloid journalist.  Someone who’s become engaged over the break and is very happy doesn’t have it announced after the press interviews at the Golden Globes are all done, after everyone is in their seats, and then refuse to talk about it again except to say “God no!” whenever it’s mentioned, which it wouldn’t be if that discreet someone had made it clear to the press that her personal life was her own.  Someone whose fiancé is shy doesn’t drag him to every red carpet event and she certainly doesn’t break with the old boys tradition at Cannes her first time out by saying to the likes of Jodi Foster “I don’t care what the Festival dictates, or what the other celebs are doing, I will not attend this press only event without my Tony”   so yeah, the engagement is pretty fake.  You will never convince me otherwise.  So after going to all that trouble, if they wanted to carry the narrative to the next level, which would be stupid, but if they did, we would know about it.  They wouldn’t just have her wear a non-matching band and hope we notice.  So to answer your question, the quiet wearing of the band  is the least of what makes a wedding fake.  The absurdity of such a wedding even being an option is what makes it fake.  The wedding, as someone wise pointed out this morning, that she was just in Somerset planning two weeks ago.

Hmm, I guess I yearn for a world where, if a woman is not pregnant and has to answer that question, she can just say “no”. And the question doesn’t mean she’s being “shamed”, it just means she has a belly and it’s ok. She also has two knees, two elbows, brown/blue/hazel eyes, etc. She just is.😀

I’m sorry, anon, I disagree with you. I yearn for a world where people understand that other people’s bodies are none of their business. Women’s reproductive activities are none of their business. NO ONE should ever ask someone else, especially a stranger, if she is pregnant unless there is a little rugrat emerging from between her legs and she is screaming and using language that would make a sailor blush. I have been asked if I was pregnant when I was not, but my belly was definitely not flat, and it made me feel horrible. I have been asked if I was pregnant when I was not, and my belly was perfectly flat, but I was in fertility treatments and desperate to be pregnant and it made me feel horrible. I have been asked why I wanted to have more kids when I was pregnant and it made me feel horrible. I have been asked why I didn’t want to have more kids when I wasn’t pregnant and actually did want more kids and it made me feel horrible. Do you see the pattern here? There are judgements hiding in all of these questions and they are inappropriate and uncalled for. They are also unnecessary. Do you know why? Because if a woman wants you to know whether or not she is pregnant, she will tell you. If she doesn’t tell you, then it’s none of your business.

I’m really confused by you saying ‘if a woman is not pregnant and has to answer that question…’ there is no has to. We don’t owe people information. Especially strangers. There isn’t a woman I know who wants to be asked about the state of her belly. Seriously. It’s a hot button issue. Girlfriends, sisters and some family members are close enough to know where the line is and what they can and can’t talk about. So, for people who don’t get it, asking a woman if she is pregnant is a
bomb waiting to go off. It’s bad form. It’s loaded with unknowable
potential pain and grief and its none of your business.

To sum up, DON’T
ASK. And if you do ask, and you are given a rude, abrupt, sarcastic,
snarky, angry or insolent answer, it’s your fault. You asked for it.

No, I’m not pregnant. Thank you for not asking.

Deep as the Road is Long (Part III, Chapter 25)


Rating: Fluff ‘n smut

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November 2017

A wedding in November, in Scotland, will be wet. The weather is categorically rainy if not a little misty most days, especially in the fall. Everyone knew this the moment the date was set.

Facts don’t keep Claire from having a slight panic attack when it begins to downpour ten minutes before the wedding and she still has to walk from Lallybroch proper to the large barn where the wedding and reception both will be held. Everything else has been perfect; her dress had to be loosened just a bit to make room for a little more fullness to the chest, but it was easy to take care of in the hands of Jenny. The barn, a brand new structure built for cattle that will arrive in the spring, only smells of fresh wood now, white lights strung up to give a modern-rustic atmosphere. Nothing has been out of place, no one’s surprised her with snags, but she’s in her dress, makeup and hair done, and can’t imagine walking through wet grass and mud to the actual barn. There’s a flurry of seeing if perhaps someone can simply drive her the short distance when Jenny excuses herself and starts speaking through a minimal crack in the door, hissing at who Claire assumes is Jamie about traditions and superstition.

“Sassenach,” comes his voice from the other side of the door, speaking directly to her now and bypassing his sister. “If ye let me in I promise it willna be bad luck. Besides, we woke together, what could change now?”

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How Churchill engineered the holocaust of 3 million Indians









As the resistance swelled, Churchill announced: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly
religion.” This hatred killed. To give just one, major, example, in 1943
a famine broke out in Bengal, caused – as the Nobel Prize-winning
economist Amartya Sen has proved – by the imperial policies of the
. Up to 3 million people starved to death while British officials
begged Churchill to direct food supplies to the region. He bluntly
refused. He raged that it was their own fault for “breeding like
rabbits”. At other times, he said the plague was “merrily” culling the
Skeletal, half-dead people were streaming into the cities and dying on
the streets, but Churchill – to the astonishment of his staff – had only
jeers for them. “If food is so scarce, why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?”

Source: The Independent, Time, IBT

That’s why I don’t fuck with the British and their sympathisers in the US.
They still haven’t apologised for what they’ve done.
The British, of all the colonial powers, should be tried in the international courts and be punished for what they did to so many people.
Y’all can glorify them, their queen or their “culture”.
But know this – their ancestors killed people and lived off of their dead bodies like vultures.
Know this – the present generation is taught about colonialism in such a way where it is glorified.
Know this – while you all were talking about Brexit, Indians had already been started getting kicked out from the UK in early 2010s.
Know this – if the British paid for all that they looted and stole from us, and the industries you destroyed, you would be the poorest country on the planet.

And that would be your own doing, something you deserve.

Holy. Never read a more on point reply. Bravo @thegayaxeman.

also the queen has said that her favourite pm was churchill so there’s a little nugget for you to think about next time you think about obsessing over the royal family

Exactly. It’s hard to argue against the claim that the Queen is one of the worst war criminals in history. Hundreds of millions of innocent lives were ruined in her name.

did you know that there are also British historians who believe that Churchill should’ve just signed a truce with Hitler so the UK coulda kept their empire instead of spending all their money fighting WWII, like wow


England reporting in, unfortunately. This isn’t taught about in our schools. None of the bad shit the empire did was, actually. I have vague memories of being taught about britain being the empire where the sun never sets, and I remember being taught about various victories against other european powers through the past millenium, but the empire is barely touched upon. I had to learn all that nasty shit myself.

Meanwhile, we have folk endlessly droning about how we’re the greatest country in the world, parading their tribalism with union jack bedsheets and tiny little flags poking out of car windows, with no idea what implications that carries. People talk about being proud to be british, like, why? What makes you proud? Occasionally making it to the semi-finals of the football world cup? Tea, for some reason? Or is it just a function of a lack of anything else to be proud of?

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