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America is the world’s largest terrorist state.

Up to 200 children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico
border are being held in this tent city outside Tornillo, Texas:

just in case anyone doesn’t already know what it looked like, this is the aerial view of auschwitz I:

feel free to compare that to the pictures above.

oh hey guys remember that time i and almost every other jewish person i know was like “trump is literally going to make concentration camps” and all the white christian people were like

“it’ll be fine”

“That’s what Checks and Balances™️ are for :))))”

“It can’t happen here this is AMERICA”

”We just need to survive the four years until Kamala Harris”

Like….not to be r u d e but 1) you were wrong and 2) there are mass protests on June 30th and if you actually care about this country your ass had better be there.

More info on locations here:

Pretty sure white Christian people were saying those things in Germany back in the 1930s, too.

Oh. They did.

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