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hiplap:vita milonga

hiplap:vita milonga

The corgi who played Cheddar, real name Stewart, has reportedly passed away

A moment of silence for the bestest, goodest boy in the whole of the 99

deweycc:The police was out of control on 7 July evening. They told the protesters to leave but at…


The police was out of control on 7 July evening. They told the protesters to leave but at the same time surrounded them, making it difficult for the people to leave.

They used the baton and shield to beat the people, regardless who they were attacking, whether they are protesters, passerbys or journalists.

Here is a clip of how the police attacked the protesters even there was no resistance.

Photo: HK01, you can see the cops trying to beat the reporters

One journalist was accused of attacking an officer when he was pushed by the police and fell on the ground, luckily other journalists witnessed and shouted at the cops, asking them to arrest the accused journalist immediately if he did attacked. End up the cops back down and told the media to calm down.

Some of the cops even entered a MacDonald to beat and arrest anyone wearing black. There are people asking the restaurant to release their security camera clip to expose this but they received no response.

The situation is horrible, those who supposed to be protecting the citizens are now treating the citizens as their enemy, they do not follow the law (a cop yelled at the protesters, saying ’fight me if you dare’, there were policemen didn’t show their identities when they’re on duty, which is against the law)

There was a time when we were proud to say Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world, and now the police acting as the tool of the government to suppress unfavorable opinions.

You may see not see us on your local headlines anymore but Hong Kong people are still fighting!! Our people haven’t give up to injustice and brutality under the authoritarian rule that the capitalists in Wall Street are more than happy to do business with. Our people are going strong and standing up tall to what is wrong and cruel. Our people are unafraid of the batons and teargas. We are unafraid, we will not surrender but we don’t want to die quietly without waking up the world of the threat of this expanding authritarian regime.  If our people have to lose our freedom and autonomy eventually, please let our courage and dignity be remembered and World, please continue to fight the unfinished battle.

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*visible happiness*

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wehadfacesthen: Ivy Nicholson posing on the Appian Way outside…


Ivy Nicholson posing on the Appian Way outside Rome, Italy, 1956, photo by Tony Vaccaro

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