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pissedoffsoka13:Bts Sam & Caitriona // Season 1 * Season 5

pissedoffsoka13:Bts Sam & Caitriona // Season 1 * Season 5

One Summer, Part II (Dislocated)


Many thanks to everyone who read Part I and shared some love with me. Many thanks to @abreathofsnowandwaffles, @desperationandgin, @kkruml, and @smashing-teacups for giving me assists along the way with my writing process. Your encouragement and love keep me plugging when I doubt myself.


Part I (Adso)

One Summer
Part II: Dislocated

The scene confronting Claire when she rounded the corner had the surrealistic quality of a Salvador Dali painting.

A newly sentient being capable of utter destruction, the ladder appeared to be primed for an opportunity to kill its erstwhile user. Said user, who had moments earlier been perched on the second to the top rung like the hilltop statue of a city’s patron saint, was on the floor with his head bowed. The ladder from which he had fallen was suspended with three of its four legs in the air. The top rung was precariously balanced against a shelf at least four feet above Claire’s head.

“Fell wi’ my hand out,” Jamie explained stoically, lifting his chin and focusing his attention on her.

Through his shirt she made the quick assessment that he had dislocated his shoulder –the carefully-sculpted cap had melted, shifted down. Notwithstanding this unsettling tableau, he appeared to Claire’s trained eye to be remarkably self-possessed in what must have been immense discomfort.

“I landed with all my weight on the hand, and crunch!, there it went.”

“I heard,” Claire responded, using the outside of her foot to push aside the various tools (ones that her brain attempted in vain to identify before concluding they just didn’t have names) before she went to her knees. She swept a piece of stray hair from his forehead, too concerned to feel even the slightest bit awkward about the sentimentality that made her so forward (all paint swatches and her sundry list of supplies had been long forgotten). “Did you hit your head?”

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permanentfilemugglethings: WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE A…


Have you ever just stared at your server in Chipotle while they make your burrito and think to yourself, “Wouldn’t life just be so much better if it was me inside that warm flour tortilla?”.

Ok maybe I’m a bit bit crazy but let’s be honest, being wrapped up in a tortilla is hands down the coolest thing you can do in 2019. Move over sliced bread, this tortilla has a bigger purpose.

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