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“Do I respect them? Not a scrap. Do I hate them? No. Do I like them? Again, no.” The use of “respect” and “like” makes sense. But why asked “Do I hate them”? “Hate” is such a strong word and sounds so personal. We show viewers don’t have personal relationships with Sam and Cait. You kind of lost me here.

Why ask myself if I hate? It’s called self reflection.

Hate is not a strong word. It is simply a word. It describes a human emotion and one that is part and parcel to the human experience. You hate just as easily and readily as you love. To deny that you are incapable of feeling hate, is to doom yourself to being ruled by it.

We show viewers don’t have personal relationships with Sam and Cait, you point out…

I never claimed that I did. It’s very rude of you to come here and serve me an admonition for your own failings in communication and comprehension. Furthermore, you sound like Donald Trump, “it’s not personal, it’s just business.” That’s one of his famous lines from before his presidency and actually, honestly, I kind of like it. I do think we take most things too personally and operate on raw emotion too often and it is creating a society of illogical morons. However, I think in this instance, with these actors, it’s not applicable. They were not minding their own business were they? They jumped right in with open arms on SM with the sole intent of giving fans the illusion of personal connection. It worked spectacularly. They established a public trust with the fans (and the Media) and intentionally mislead a trusting public for their own personal gain…. just business I’m sure is their excuse. You know why they, Sam and Cait and all of Hollywood, hate Trump? Because they fear the truth that they, too, live and die by the same ruthless inhumane motto: “it’s not personal, it’s just business.”

Have a nice day.

timotaychalamet: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) dir. Blake…


Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) dir. Blake Edwards

I take your brand of no-nonsense talk and level-headedness to heart. But a staged wedding? Family and friends flown in internationally? You don’t think that’s too much? I’m not being combative! I honestly want to know. Without knowing them personally this is not the SC we thought we knew. If this is true then all these years and their behavior has been a lie? You wouldn’t believe it even with a picture? Where is the line? What amount of truth makes you believe? Help me understand? Please?

I know and trust what I’ve seen over the long time I’ve been here. They can shove this little man in my face as hard as they want but I will never believe that over her and Sam.  Not only are there too many shipper receipts to count, but there is also too much evidence placing him in the PA role and too many personal reasons that he would not be her choice as life partner. That’s my truth and everything else is built on that foundation.  I know that she has never acknowledged the maestro as her fiancé and I wouldn’t expect her to ever utter the word ’husband’ in the same sentence as his name either, no matter how long the charade continues..  I know what they want us to believe and I know they have the smoke and mirrors to pull it off with a lot of help from the fandom, and while I wouldn’t put it past the bts bullshit team to stage such a thing, my first thought was that there actually was a wedding this weekend involving someone from Cait’s group of old friends. We’ve seen them gather before in celebration, and this time the fandom has given name to the bride and groom.  I don’ t really have an answer for you except to say that I’m secure in my knowing that she and Sam are together in every way, including this and no matter how it plays out, which it will, I won’t be buying what they’re selling.  That’s not to say I’m not sick to death of it.  I am.  I no longer follow anyone related to the production and I won’t be supporting their causes.  I’m here though for these good women and waiting for the ending


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