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Wouldn’t it be something if she *actually* did something worth talking about during promo? Aside from the least interesting thing she could promote, I’m sure we’ll also hear that old chestnut about how bad a driver she is.

Sad thing is that she actually does have interesting things to talk about that would make her relatable to the public, but she chooses not to 

If she only was more passionately involved in her charity that would be great…but NO

She spent more time discussing her engagement during S4 promo than the fact she ran a marathon for her charity and it was a great feat for her and a wonderful experience with her sister…shit that is great and something people would find interesting about her, but that didn’t appear in a single interview

If she actually took time to be active in some environmental organization, if she actually took time to be involved in Sara Ziff’s organization…she could really make a statement and a difference

But no, she is a shallow HW attention seeker that prefers to make the bulk of her interviews about silly things like bad driving and who she is or isn’t dating and selling a relationship to a man that nobody cares about and who she doesn’t have anything to brag about so she doesn’t even talk about him.

Her PR team probably stupidly thinks this kind of personal story makes her relatable to everyday people but it really doesn’t….

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