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the50-person:29 Sep 2019 Anti-Totalitarianism March (Hong Kong) Attacks & white terror on…

the50-person:29 Sep 2019 Anti-Totalitarianism March (Hong Kong) Attacks & white terror on mentally disabled, physically disabled, elderly, children, youths, women, HECK EVERYONE on sightLike half an hour ago 22:27 the police attacked a mentally dis…

yuumei-art: 6 days ago I made a post on Instagram in support…


6 days ago I made a post on Instagram in support of freedom for Hong Kong. This is a 7 year old art that I’ve posted many times before without issue. The only difference is this time I made the post in support of Hong Kong fighting for freedom against the oppressive Chinese government.

The next day, my post was removed for “hate speech”. This isn’t Instagram’s fault. The Chinese government paid attackers to mass report me, thus triggering the algorithm to automatically remove my post. I appealed the removal and my art was restored. 

However, ever since that day, I’ve been shadowbanned as well and I’m still shadowbanned. No doubt due to the same abuse of report button by the paid attackers. The Chinese government have figure out a way to censor and control free speech even outside of their country. 

Now people who aren’t already a follower on Instagram will not see my art. All of my free Hong Kong hashtags don’t show up anymore in search. This is how the Chinese government silence those who support freedom. 

This is why the people of Hong Kong are fighting so hard to keep their freedom. No one in the free world should have to live under this level of abuse and censorship.

You can help me fight this injustice. Repost my art on Instagram with the hashtags #FreeHongKong #StandWithHongKong #HongKongProtest and share the story. Even if they censor me, the Chinese government can’t censor us all.

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This is important ‼️


Now you can donate bras to turtles OR a domestic violence shelter, there’s no way you lose in this scenario. =D

learningtoacceptchange: shushtaouk: gfjdgnfjgk this punk ass bitch really tried it and she fucking…




gfjdgnfjgk this punk ass bitch really tried it and she fucking obliterated him Im screaming 

May we all take men’s pithy insulting words and turn them into a sword of flames.

Writing Body Language




How to Improve your writing

This is something that happens every day in your life. A shift of your eyebrow in skepticism, or the way your lip may twitch to a half smile cause you’re trying not to laugh. These behaviors are vital for writing in character, because not only do the allow you to visually see what is happening but it is also reaffirming whatever emotion your character is showing.

So why should you write it?

Much of human communication is non-verbal which means you need to also translate this non-verbal reaction in a post. It allows you to greatly enhance the emotions of another character and always another person to ‘visually’ see how they feel in a post. Most of all, this will add depth and volume to your post to make it feel more real. IT will make your character feel like a human instead of just another fictional person you look at from above.

Below you will find a list different type of emotions and what sort of body language can be exhibited to them.


Three ways to accent an action.

When writing about emotions, there are different ways to verbally write them out. Each one is unique in their own way, allowing you to show more about the emotion.

  1. Emphasize the Emotion.

    But doing this, you are expressing both the emotion and the body language. We’ll use a simple example. It’s short and simple yet you can sense he is happy.

    John felt so happy that he was humming a tune while walking down the hall.

  2. Complicate the Emotion.

    Sometimes, even when you are feeling one emotion, deep down rooted underneath the facade of it all, there is actually an underlining emotion they feel. This is something you have to truly express otherwise no one will know.

    John felt so happy that he was humming a tune while walking down the hall. However, it was obvious by the way his nose crinkled that he was disgusted by the actions beforehand. Instead, John covered it up by appearing pleased today.

  3. Contradict the Emotion.

    This is a little different than complicate. Contradicting means that you are claiming one thing when in fact its the other. In many ways, this has a variety of uses, from inner depth of the truth to what you see in person, or someone creating a wall. It could be considered a lie, but when is anything that easy?

    John felt so happy that he was humming a tune while walking down the hall. In truth, once he was in the classroom, his shoulders slumped and a pout crossed his lips when no one was around, showing just how displeased he was with the situation.

Remember that you do not always have to contradict or complicate anything. Sometimes all you need to do is emphasize and that will be just fine. You don’t always have to have an underlining complicated for an emotion to make it more enhanced.

Do be afraid to use the Thesaurus to also improve an emotion. Such things as “happy” is a nice emotional word, but think of how much more powerful it is when you heard some is “overjoyed” or “content.” She how these emotions matched up with a body language can give two different styles of happiness? Mix and match to find what works best for your character at the time.

More In Depth Information

What I’ve stated above is more of a simplistic overview. IF you truly want to improve yourself, go to this


To see just how much body language can reveal about a person. You will find things such as how a person lies, how the eyes reaction, the positioning of a person in personal space, mouth, and head body language and so much more.

Use these resources to greatly increase the reactions of your character to another and create a more life-like world.

It’ll be useful!




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