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Summer of Smut: Thank you & Masterlist!


To everyone who liked, commented, reblogged, left kudos, retweeted, or sent a sweet DM to us about Summer of Smut: a heartfelt thank you!  Danielle, Britt, and I had such a blast writing together this summer, and the steamy Jamie and Claire moments that came out of it were a happy bonus. Your enthusiasm and support over these stories on Tumblr, AO3, and Twitter has been absolutely incredible. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the Summer of Smut as much as we have! 

Summer of Smut Masterlist

June (water):

July (lovin’ in public):

August (umbrellas):

 You can also find the AO3 Collection with all nine of the SOS stories.

Love and fire emojis,

@missclairebelle​, @smashing-teacups​, and @desperationandgin


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sagrada familia.
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