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Your answer should have been: we don’t know what cait gets from tony bc we don’t know either of them and see maybe 2% of their relationship. In fairness to you tho that 2% is pretty dismal. Or in caits own words: he tolerates her when she grumpy after work, makes tea, and takes out the trash. He’s her house husband

I started with IMO (in my opinion) and that is my opinion…I have watched them long enough, years, to have formed an opinion… and you will forgive me if I don’t take Cait’s words as gospel.

From what I have seen, that man can’t change the date of his bday on a piece of paper for 10 years, literally, no joke, nor take out a Xmas tree from his bar for 7 months  (he left it for the new owner, embarrassing). 

So, somehow I don’t see him as the type of house husband who takes out the trash for her every day if he can’t even run his business in an organized fashion.

Btw, what you just described is something a house assistant, PA or butler can do.. 

I don’t think I have ever describe my husband in serviceable terms only…

She married him, but her relationship with him is alternative…

I wish someone would just explain the purpose of the fake engagement and fake wedding. Who profits and is Sam also a part of this plan. It just gets confusing and breaks my heart for both Cait and Sam. Again what is the purpose??

The purpose is money. The message is not ‘Cait is married to Tony.’ The message is ‘Cait is not with Sam.’ Tony is so nondescript and he’s hanging around at every industry event anyway, so I guess he did seem like a good choice for the part in the beginning. Casual fans would read that she was spoken for and see him with her, so there you go. Message sent. But it’s gotten out of hand. The more they drive this story home the more insincere and cold hearted she looks, and the more Sam looks like a cad who thinks it’s okay to grab the ass of another man’s wife, and I really don’t think that’s who they are.

metaphorformetaphor: “Possession is one of the many illusions of our existence, because human…


“Possession is one of the many illusions of our existence, because human beings are born and will die empty handed.Everything we think we have, life lends us for only a short time. […] The sun is yours, from up there, high above. The sea is yours. Night. The stars. Every being is born alone, on their day, at their time, and comes into the world empty handed. I think about what I have. Nothing, absolutely nothing. My love isn’t reciprocated. I feel pain and yearning […] To have is ephemeral, the never-ending illusion of possessing the intangible.”

Paulina Chiziane, from The First Wife: A Tale of Polygamy

(Archipelago, 2016)

lovinghk: Over 150 parliamentarians from both Houses sign a…


Over 150 parliamentarians from both Houses sign a letter or House of Commons Motion calling for “insurance policy” for the people of Hong Kong.

(photo & text source: hong kong watch | 9 sep 2019) … The letter, was signed by Members from all parties including Lord Patten of Barnes, the last Governor of Hong Kong; Tom Tugendhat, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman; Ian Blackford, the Scottish National Party Westminster Leader; Labour MP Sarah Champion; and Liberal Democrat MP and Hong Kong Watch patron Alistair Carmichael; and Lord Alton of Liverpool. It said that:

“China’s recent words and actions indicate that their leadership has moved away from the commitment to upholding Hong Kong’s way of life, enshrined in their Basic Law and founded on values we share: commitment to the rule of law, democracy and human rights. The continuing protests by the courageous people of Hong Kong have been their response to increasing restrictions on those values.” 


spaceraptor: dalek-in-heels: hope is subversive.  stop ending stories in tragedy and calling it…



hope is subversive. 

stop ending stories in tragedy and calling it subversive, or a reflection of real life. you know what helps us understand real life even more than a reflection of it? writing that digs even deeper. that shows us how it could have been. that shows us the the worlds beneath the world and explores more than just the “realism” of a pointless unexpected death. 

holding onto hope when all the world outside of us and all the world inside of us is telling us not to hope—not even for happy endings, but for thrilling beginnings, for content middles, for full good lives and healthy relationships with ourselves and others—those are the stories we need more than ever. 

to remind us that it can be done at all. 

The universe is vast, and cold, and uncaring. Thus, the greatest and most radical act of defiance against the dark is choosing to be kind.

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