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classichollywoodcentral:Peggy Shannon

classichollywoodcentral:Peggy Shannon

No need to say telehubby at all….but is necessary because people might be confused by the way she treats her real hubby?…It’s easier to wear rings and write words on SM than treat your husband like a husband?Lol

I think she’s an idiot lol lol

Graham doesn’t call Sam “telenephew”

The name shows more her insecurity and says more about her than about fans

Telehubby is not going to make me think she was not sleeping with him since she got back from Toronto

I think she needs to just do herself the favor and be quiet…

Perhaps if she is so concerned what people will think, she needs to not be poping she champers as she says lol

Publicly, it’s not her job lol

One Summer, Part X: Netflix & Advil


Thanks everyone for sticking with me on this Jamie and Claire summer jaunt. 

Part I (Adso), Part II (Dislocated), Part III (Entryway), Part IV (Pizza & Beer), Part V (Croissants & Coffee), Part VI (SMS), Part VII (Desktop), Part VIII (Sunday Sunflowers & Sundresses), Part IX (Caught Out)


One Summer
Part X: Netflix & Advil

Twenty-seven cardboard boxes of subway tile and remodeling supplies crowded the manager’s office at Fraser Hardware.

Sitting in his office chair, a ballpoint pen branding an unseen-to-him blue splotch on his lower lip, Jamie Fraser eyed the boxes. The heaped pile of overdue accounts receivable he was supposed to be tracking down (routinely-delinquent customers who called Jamie “lad” and had an “arrangement” with the shop’s previous owner – Jamie’s godfather, Murtagh) had not gotten markedly thinner since he had commenced his stint as an amateur bill collector three hours earlier.

He had other things on his mind.

Claire Beauchamp, Owner-of-Leoch Manor, was chief among them (bony knees and bonnie breasts; full arse and filthy mouth). The memory of being with her (the soft sigh of completion she made when she finally opened her eyes again after he’d taken her), of knowing that he could coax magic from the most sacred parts of her (a single hand going limp between his shoulder blades and trailing down, down, down to rest at his lower back, drawing patterns with a fingertip). The sensation of his body constructing new organs – ones more elemental to survival than a heart or lungs (a faint “that’s good” mumbled as he slipped free of her and gathered her close to his chest in a bed that smelled of her).


Shaking his head, he put himself back to work, thumb underscoring the next name on his list of past due accounts.

MacKenzie, Colum – £1,895 (net 30, shingles + posting & packing, 60 days past due)

His mother’s brother. Of course, no one fails to pay the bills or avoid a phone call like a relative.

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wehadfacesthen: emmanuelleriva: Marked Woman (1937) dir. Lloyd…



Marked Woman (1937) dir. Lloyd Bacon

Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis

progaycentipede:Kristin Scott Thomas on set of The English…

progaycentipede:Kristin Scott Thomas on set of The English Patient, photographed by Helmut Newton

Well, one thing is for sure, in a fandom like this their decision to keep their private lives secret has only lead to more snooping. On the other hand, when they are public about something everyone says it’s fake so 🤷🏻‍♀️

No, no.. being public is not fake… it is the way they go about making things public that makes it look sketchy…

That is what people and PR never seem to understand.. it is not the information itself, it is the way it is delivered… 

It is purposefully having your camp leak info and then acting dumb as if you don’t know the info has been leaked and the story is out there that makes it look sketchy af and that has been true for Sam and for Cait over the years…

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