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thelallybrochlibrary: Category: Pregnant Claire  *Disclaimer:…


Category: Pregnant Claire 

*Disclaimer: This is a huge category. We tried our best to include every Pregnant Claire fic we could find, but we are human. Some may have slipped our minds or slipped through the cracks of our searches. If your favorite Pregnant Claire fic doesn’t appear on the list below, please fee free to add it to the comments!*

After Faith Comes Hope by 

amessoffand0ms on AO3

A Wild Night in Vegas by @takemeawaytocamelot

Back to You II and Ficlet: Springtime by @balfeheughlywed

Bean sídhe by @kalendraashtar

Broken Crown by @kalendraashtar

Chain of Command by @mybeautifuldecay for @imagineclaireandjamie

Christmas Oneshot by @missclairebelle for @imagineclaireandjamie

Deep As the Road is Long by @desperationandgin

Discovering Their Faith by @thatsoccercoach

Downhill by @wickedgoodbooks

Escape (The Residency Years and The Bree Years and the first chapter of The Henry Years) by @notevenjokingfic

External Forces by @mybeautifuldecay for @imagineclaireandjamie

Flood my Mornings by @bonnie-wee-swordsman at @imagineclaireandjamie

Fraser Memorial by @curlsgetdemgurls 

Frozen In Time by Mod Eli for @imagineclaireandjamie

Help Me by @thatsoccercoach

Just Across the Park by @whitenightowl 

Keeping Faith by @thatsoccercoach

I’ll be there for you by @abreathofsnowandwaffles 

I’ll be there for you II by @abreathofsnowandwaffles

It Has Always Been Forever by @suhailauniverse

It Started With a Kiss by Mod Eli at @imagineclaireandjamie

In the Eye of a Hurricane by @three-drink-amy

Loss Ficlet: Carte Blanche by @missclairebelle

Lullaby by @magnoliasinbloom

Market Price Ficlet: The Nearness of You by @desperationandgin

McTavish and Beauchamp by @curlsgetdemgurls

Metamorphosis by @anoutlandishfanfic

Modern Glasgow by  @gotham-ruaidh​ for @imagineclaireandjamie

New With Possibility by @gotham-ruaidh for @imagineclaireandjamie

Our Story on @imagineclaireandjamie by @westerhos

Our son by @jack-andthestalk

Renewed by @mybeautifuldecay for @imagineclaireandjamie

Shifted by @gotham-ruaidh

The Berserker by @suhailauniverse

The Getaway by @mybeautifuldecay for @imagineclaireandjamie

The One With a Promised Bloom by @anoutlandishfanfic

The One With a Throw Pillow by @anoutlandishfanfic

The One That Comes With Directions by @anoutlandishfanfic

The One as Certain as the Sun by @anoutlandishfanfic

The One With a Blizzard and a Birth by @anoutlandishfanfic 

The Reveal by @thatsoccercoach

The Sacrifices We Make by @lawofavgs

The Sun in Our Bedroom by @spinsterclaire

The Voyeurs on @imagineclaireandjamie by @mybeautifuldecay 

To Begin Again by @quietcatastrophe

Too Old For Babies by Mod Eli for @imagineclaireandjamie

Tuesday’s Child (Claire’s POV) and (Jamie’s POV) by @anoutlandishfanfic

Unexpected: Part 1 & Part 2 by @mybeautifuldecay for @imagineclaireandjamie

Victorious Faith by @thefraserwitch 

Where We Begin by @laythornmuse

*Please feel free to add on to this list!*

denise-alwaysuselove:And a child shall lead them…ladytuarach:I hope so. So keep coming. We…

denise-alwaysuselove:And a child shall lead them…ladytuarach:I hope so. So keep coming. We need you!!astrodidact:

Has anyone ever done a fic were Claire went back to the stones after find out Jamie remarried and jamie followed and he managed to follow Claire through the stones and gets chance to meet bree in the future

Hi @cally-symms,

For a story where Jamie goes through the stones and meets Bree in the future – have you read Mod Bonnie’s epic, Flood My Mornings?

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The Mod-sketeers

silvermarmoset: silvermarmoset: refinery29: One Haunting…




One Haunting Video Shows “Beauty Through The Decades” In New Light

Karolina Żebrowska’s “Beauty Through The Ages” video shows not only on the glamorized versions of women but also the real, middle and lower class women as they lived in the past century.




Reblogging again because this is the ONLY “fashion through time” video that does it right. All the others glamorize/modernize the eras WAY too much, esp. considering they’re claiming historical accuracy. This is the only one that truly nails it.

italylarry: i know everyone makes fun of ya dystopian fiction and books like the hunger games or…


i know everyone makes fun of ya dystopian fiction and books like the hunger games or divergent, etc. like “lmao one teenage girl can’t save the world” but uhhh 

that is literally????

what’s happening?????

right now?????

like idk about you, but i can smell a revolution coming

and she’s leading it. 


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