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yuumei-art: 6 days ago I made a post on Instagram in support…


6 days ago I made a post on Instagram in support of freedom for Hong Kong. This is a 7 year old art that I’ve posted many times before without issue. The only difference is this time I made the post in support of Hong Kong fighting for freedom against the oppressive Chinese government.

The next day, my post was removed for “hate speech”. This isn’t Instagram’s fault. The Chinese government paid attackers to mass report me, thus triggering the algorithm to automatically remove my post. I appealed the removal and my art was restored. 

However, ever since that day, I’ve been shadowbanned as well and I’m still shadowbanned. No doubt due to the same abuse of report button by the paid attackers. The Chinese government have figure out a way to censor and control free speech even outside of their country. 

Now people who aren’t already a follower on Instagram will not see my art. All of my free Hong Kong hashtags don’t show up anymore in search. This is how the Chinese government silence those who support freedom. 

This is why the people of Hong Kong are fighting so hard to keep their freedom. No one in the free world should have to live under this level of abuse and censorship.

You can help me fight this injustice. Repost my art on Instagram with the hashtags #FreeHongKong #StandWithHongKong #HongKongProtest and share the story. Even if they censor me, the Chinese government can’t censor us all.

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