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chewbacca:Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996 — 2003)


Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996 — 2003)


wehadfacesthen: Jean Patchett, 1949, photo by Irving Penn


Jean Patchett, 1949, photo by Irving Penn


One Summer, Part XII (Non-Negotiable)


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One Summer
Part XII: Non-Negotiable

In possession of an achy back and glowing cheeks (a testament to the particular skills of one Dr. James Fraser, Professor of Scottish Geography, and two thorough lessons), Claire decided to take a break from the fucking-bed-and-breakfast.

Jamie was sketching a map on a piece of notebook paper. The final destination was a “bonnie wee art gallery” that he loved. It was his first bona fide map, roughed out with a rapidly-browning apple core in his right hand and a dull pencil in the left (the perfect slant of it making Claire wonder if his mother had worked with him on his penmanship).

As he marked an asterisk where she could find “the brawest chipper on the mainland,” Claire declared that she was quite looking forward to replacing the sun-bleached “art” collecting dust on the walls.

Jamie concurred, starring the gallery’s location before declaring, “No offense to my Aunt Jocasta, but this place could use some art that doesna involve funeral urns filled with flowers or grouse-hunting spaniels.”

Taking the completed map, Claire smiled at the script along the top of the page – “Claire’s Map by Jamie.” The possibility of confusing the piece of notebook paper with its neat, masculine writing for anything else was less than zero. Even upon her cursory review, it was a rather complete survey of the northernmost coast of Scotland’s finest gems.

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