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Pattern Release 11.7.19


Hello friens!

We have some more patterns for you today. You should know the drill by now, we hope? This week we have:


Which can be found here.

Bad Day

Which can be found here.

Not Today, Satan

Which can be found here. 

Enjoy and happy stitching!

Genuinely curious, what would make you stop shipping SC? Your bs threshold seems to be high, but is there a limit? Or does the limit not exist lol

That’s funny. A high bs threshold is my superpower here but I have a seriously low one in real life. I doubt I’ll stop shipping now, at this point in time, but understand my definition of shipping. It’s not ‘Oh they’re so cute together. I want them to be a couple in real life and I don’t know what I’ll do if they’re not’. No, it’s a matter of fact, six years later, that I have seen and learned enough to know that they are together and that is that. The periphery is simple for me. They are under some private and/or professional pressure to not let it be known to the general public. Period. and while I certainly roll my eyes at the antics, my big picture doesn’t change. I wouldn’t be of this mindset if at any time along the way the whole thing had taken a different path and unraveled organically. If either of them had sold the third party SO’s as real, if Cait had posted pictures from her wedding day, if she’d named her groom, if she’d taken time for a wedding instead of fitting it in on a weekend off between goat selfies and giving the scoop to Lynette, if her ‘husband’ wasn’t so.. .whatever that is….at every sighting, if she had interacted with her bestie’s girlfriend, as you’d do and become friends with her too, if we’d ever, since 2016, seen a shot of Tony hanging out with the cast after hours because wouldn’t everyone in the Outlander family have embraced him like they did Ansel? If they hadn’t done those stupid papwalks. 🙄, and my favourite , if they hadn’t brought him out as her boyfriend of two years four years after they’d already used him as a plus one. So much, so many times things came to a fork in the road and they always chose the path with the most receipts. And now it’s too,late. Anything from here on in is just going to look scripted, even if they were up to the roles, which I don’t think they are.

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