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I am just speechless about this sentence from her in the last interview ‘nice balance to the fast cars guys and tits’. I mean how can you claim yourself a feminist but saying misogynistic BS like this? If a guy have said this his SM would be on fire but here it’s somehow ok. And this is not the first time she said something like that about the movie right?

I know I rolled my eyes when I read this. I remember at the beginning she described the movie as “cars, hot guys and me”… smh

Have you read cait new interview for the Times uk? I just can’t with her anymore. she is such a liar.

she is a fucking liar who lie and doesn’t remember what she said in the past. it’s hard to keep track when you lie you know. that interview is such bullshit again. first I had to laugh at this.

Why we never have fanpic or stories then? lool smh you wished cait.

Then this

she never created or launched Model alliance with Sara. she was a support but that’s it. way to steal your friend work…

and then the best part. Now she knew maestro before OL lool sureee jaaannnn. we have multiple proof it’s a lie.

she said multiple times at the beginning of OL she was single that it would have been difficult to have a bf at that time. Before OL her last bf was Jamie. also she said in Margaret gardiner podcast in November 2018 that the trip was supposed to be with her brother, his wife and Donal. finally she said she met love because of OL so how could you met him if you knew the guy before the show? lol such liars.

How can we believe it’s a genuine love relationship when they always change the timeline?

rozabelikovi: For it has been many months now that I have…

For it has been many months now that I have considered her one of the handsomest women of my acquaintance.

womenundertheinfluence: Björk, 1993. © Laura Levine


Björk, 1993. © Laura Levine

titenoute: humansofnewyork: “My husband got involved with a…



“My husband got involved with a younger woman at work.  I was relaxed about it at first.  He’s thirteen years younger than me, so I thought: ‘Shit happens.’  But then she got pregnant.  Luckily through the divorce process I had the opportunity to take over this shithole place with no heating, which I’ve turned into an art studio. And now I’m living my best life.  Everything is for sale except the pink chandelier and the dog.  Anyone is free to stop by at anytime.  You can eat or drink whatever you want.  All the young people in the neighborhood love me.  I’m the oldest person in our friend group.  Everyone else is in their twenties or thirties.  They call me Queen Mama.  I call them my adopted kids.  I always help them with their school projects and resumes and interviews.  I only ask one thing in return.  Each of them has to teach me one new thing every week: a piece of music, a trend, an idea.  Just so I can stay up to date.  Before you take the photograph, let me go inside and put on some make-up.  We were out until 2 AM last night.”
(Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


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