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“Two million people came out for a protest on June 16th.  It was hot.  It was sweaty.  I didn’t feel like going.  But I went to represent myself and what I believe.  Even if change seemed unlikely, I wanted to represent my values.  There was a lot of shouting on that day.  There were a lot of swear words.  But there was no hate.  It was all about what we wanted to happen: democracy, human rights, free speech.  But something changed as the weeks went on.  People got more desperate.  The government started pulling our permits.  Protests were made illegal.  Police began to use violence.  In the beginning we’d just run away, but at some point people began to hit back.  It became an eye for an eye: using hate speech, setting fires, breaking the windows of ‘pro-China’ businesses.  And that’s when I stopped participating.  It stopped representing my values.  If we’re fighting for free speech, then it has to include everyone.  Even people who are supportive of China.  Because if we threaten and intimidate anyone who disagrees with us, then we become what we’re fighting against.”
(Hong Kong)

I don’t understand shippers who are so cruel toward Tony. If he has been covering for Sam and Cait they should be kind. If Cait is truly with him they should respect that.

Part 2 I’m the same anon who thinks shippers are cruel toward Tony. I accidentally sent the message too soon but I wasn’t talking about you. 🙂 It’s just something I have noticed. He’s damned either way right now, right?


Maestro, is that you? 

Wrong inbox, anon.  I think he is an unattractive, serial unsuccessful person that treats her poorly in public, even if he’s just a friend and employee. I think there is something majorly fishy about him that has nothing to do with Cait. You might think that’s cruel.  It’s just my observation and I’m just talking about it here.

He is helping her keep her secrets but he’s being paid for that.  I just hope he’s not taking advantage of her because of that.  He strikes me as the friend who never has money.

And newsflash, you don’t have to like the (real or fake) SO of the celeb you follow.  And I would lose respect for Cait if said serial unsuccessful person who treats her so indifferently in public is her choice-especially with how she behaves toward Sam (and allow the same from him).

And nobody is being cruel toward Maestro because they have no way of talking to him directly.  Because  most successful music producer, composer, bar managers,  financial wizards have zero social media presence, right?

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