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by notevenjokingficWords: 11411, Chapters: 8/?, Language: EnglishSeries: Part 5 of Clair(e)voyanceFandoms: Outlander (TV), Outlander Series – Diana Gabaldon

Rating: Not Rated

Warnings: Creator Chose Not…

lovinghk:The trauma of Hong Kong’s teenage protestersThe only interest of the hk govt is to…

lovinghk:The trauma of Hong Kong’s teenage protestersThe only interest of the hk govt is to crush our young generation. It is killing the as well as the future of this city.

sassenachwriter:Lost in Translation chapter 1 Wee Christmas fic 🎄 I hope you enjoy! Thanks to…


Lost in Translation chapter 1

It all started on December 23rd, in a little apothecary store in Edinburgh. Jamie had to be fast if he wanted to arrive at his sister’s house in Glasgow in time. He was already running late, but it was his last chance to buy Claire a proper Christmas gift.

After almost ten years together, he didn’t know what to buy her anymore. Books, jewels, and all kinds of art things she loved, he had already given her during the past Christmases and birthdays. This year, he wanted something special. He needed to give her something special, to show him how much she meant to him, but time was running out and stores were all almost empty.

His last hope was that little apothecary store they had been to a few years ago. He thought she would be happy if he bought her something for her gardens.

The bell rang when he opened the door. He took off his hat and shook it, the snow falling on the wooden floor. Classical music was playing from the back of the store and there was a smell of a mixture of plants in the air. He was the only customer in the place.

Jamie started to walk around, remembering her showing him things that he didn’t understand, too concentrated on her beautiful lips and shining eyes while she talked with passion.

He looked at his watch, restless. His heart started to race in his chest. He was running out of time. Stores were closing in ten minutes and he had no gift. She would hate him, he thought. Now was not the right time to come home with empty hands on Christmas day.

Looking up from his watch, he saw jewels on a stand and a special necklace caught his attention. There was a stone with a red gem in the middle. Jamie smiled because, somehow, it immediately made him think of Claire.

“Magic necklace,” a voice said behind him.

Surprised, Jamie turned around to see a short man staring at him with piercing blue eyes. “Magic?” He blinked.

The man nodded with a smile. “It has a power.”

“A power?” Jamie smiled back, amused. Now he was sure Claire was going to love it. “I’m looking for a gift for my girlfriend. She loves all kind of… mystical things you could say.”

“She will love it, then.”

“How much?”

Jamie bought the necklace and put the paper bag in the pocket of his coat. Climbing behind the wheel, he started the engine and drove to the highway. It was snowing, not the best conditions to drive, but Jenny, Ian, and his mother were expecting him. He and Claire were supposed to go help them cook the food for Christmas day, like they did every year. It was their tradition.

On the night of the 23rd, they cooked. On the 24th, they traveled to their home near Inverness and spent the night telling stories and drinking wine. On the 25th, all the family joined them and they ate and celebrated together. It was Jamie and Claire’s favourite time of the year.

It was different this year, since Claire had decided not to come for the cooking. She was feeling terrible for cancelling, but she had called Jenny the previous day to tell her about the cold she had caught and thought it would be a good idea to get some sleep before the Holidays. Also, she didn’t want anyone, especially young Maggie, to catch it.

His heart sank at the thought of Claire. He knew the reason that was keeping her home was not a cold, but the life changing news the doctor had told them, just a few days ago. After years of trying to have a baby without success, both Jamie and Claire had run tests and Claire had learned she will never be pregnant.

It had been a hard week for both of them. Both couldn’t sleep, but felt like they were sleepwalking through their lives. They barely talked and Jamie slept on the couch. This news had also come with deep emotions and frustration that they had kept buried deep inside for months.

Claire wanted him to leave her because she didn’t want to ‘ruin his only chance at happiness.’ like she had told him. But also, Claire was afraid Jamie was going to leave her because she couldn’t imagine her life without him and she was not ready to face rejection ever again.

There were so many things they needed to tell each other, but they didn’t have the strength to do it. And now, Christmas was coming and they knew that they wouldn’t have the chance to tell his family. And the last thing they needed was to see Jenny and Ian, beaming with happiness while holding their newborn baby Maggie.

Jamie sighed, his eyes filling with tears. His heart was broken. In the past days, he had been thinking about Claire, about her life if she had never met him. Maybe she would be happier.

It was him who had changed her mind about having babies. Before she met Jamie, Claire never wanted to be a mother. She had always been scared that she wouldn’t be a good mother, since she never had the chance to know hers. But Jamie, on the other hand, his only dream in life was to be a father. After she met Jamie, she started to think that maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t mind after all, having children. As time went by, the idea was settled in Claire’s mind and she couldn’t picture a future without little Fraser children running around the house.

Four years before, they had started trying, but were not alarmed that Claire was never getting pregnant. But as the years went by, they started to feel nervous, anxious about it and frustrated, especially when everybody around them was having babies.

They had tried to be a team during the hard times, but they knew that it was slowly drifting them apart. As the years went by, Jamie could see Claire was not her real self.

She would be better off without me, Jamie thought. It was me who started to talk about kids first. She never talked about kids before. It’s me who made her want bairns.

He didn’t want to admit it, but he knew their end was coming soon. Since the first time he laid eyes on her, Jamie knew Claire was the one. And even now, he was still sure about it. But maybe he wasn’t the one for her.

Lost in his mind, Jamie didn’t notice the deer crossing the highway in front of him. Surprised, he turned the wheel and his car drifted on the side of the road. Hitting his head, he lost consciousness.


The first thing he noticed before he opened his eyes was the throbbing of his head. He lifted his hand and touched hot blood. Jamie opened his eyes, but he didn’t see anything. It was dark. Blinking several times, he finally recognized where he was. In his car. He wasn’t injured except for his head. He got out of the car and immediately was hit by the cold winter wind. He crossed his arms around his chest. There was no one on the highway and no dead or injured deer.

He went back in his car and breathed on his hands, trying to warm them up. He reached for his phone and tried to dial Claire’s number, but there was no reception.

Jamie tried to start the car, but it was dead. “Great,” he sighed. He was lost in the middle of nowhere during the coldest winter Scotland had ever known.

He waited for a bit, helplessly hoping for a car to drive past him. His hands were buried deep in the pockets of his coat. His nose, fingers and toes were frozen and his body was shaking. Twenty minutes later, he knew he couldn’t stay there any longer.

He took all his belongings and locked the doors behind him before walking back to Edinburgh, the closest city.

The wind was strong and he couldn’t see clearly in front of him. Jamie hoped a car would drive past him, but at the same time, he was afraid the car wouldn’t see him with all the snow and would hit him.

It was getting more difficult to walk. Jamie had never seen a snow storm like this before. His face was frozen and his feet heavy. All he wanted was to be in the warm cozy flat where he lived with Claire and hold her in his arms. All he wanted was to leave the past behind, but it was too soon to start thinking about a different future for both of them. They had to mourn first.

Finally, a car drove by and stopped. “Is there a problem, Sir?” the man in the car asked him.

“Can you drive me to Edinburgh, please? I had an accident.”

Twenty minutes later, the man dropped Jamie in front of his flat. He was about to give him money, but the man declined, wishing him a Merry Christmas.

At first, Jamie was surprised to see that all the lights were out in the flat. But when he looked at his watch and saw it was past midnight, he realized Claire must have gone to sleep.

Suddenly, he thought Jenny must be worried he never arrived to Glasgow. He thought it was weird she hadn’t called Claire. If she had, she probably wouldn’t be asleep. Jamie was too lost in his head to notice things looked different in the garden.

He took his keys out of the pocket of his coat and went to open the door. He was surprised that the key didn’t fit in the lock. He tried again, but it was as if he was using the wrong key. Jamie checked to make sure it was the right key. It was.

He remembered a winter he spent with his father in Canada when he was younger. The cold had frozen the lock of their cabin and he remembered his father trying to warm the lock with his breath. It wasn’t that cold, but Scotland wasn’t used to temperatures below zero degrees. He tried it, but after a few minutes, his fingers were freezing.

He didn’t want to wake Claire, but now he thought it was an emergency. So he knocked at the door. There was no movement inside the flat. He knocked again, louder this time. He checked by the window, thinking maybe there had been an emergency at the hospital. He knocked one last time. His fist didn’t make it to the door. The door swung open and a mad woman appeared in front of him, holding a golf club to protect herself. “Go away, Louis!” she screamed.

Surprised, Jamie took a step back and fell on the snow. “You’re not Claire,” Jamie frowned.

“You’re not Louis.”

“No,” he said, getting up.

“Who are you?” she asked, the stick still in the air.

“I could ask you the same question. What are you doing in my house?”

“Your house? This flat is mine!” the woman said. She had a strong scottish accent. Jamie had hit his head, but this was not Claire.

He looked at the address on the door. “Seriously, did Claire pay ye to do this?”


“Just let me come in, I’m freezing!”

“Go away!” she screamed, taking a step forward. Jamie took a step back. “Go away or I swear I’ll call the fucking cops!”

Jamie didn’t have the energy in his body to fight with this mad woman. He ran away and called a cab.

On the drive to the hospital, Jamie closed his eyes. He didn’t know exactly what was happening to him. He wasn’t drunk, but maybe he had hit his head badly. Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing he was going to the hospital. Claire could look at it.

He almost fell asleep, rocked by the warmth of the cab, thinking about that woman’s angry face, her red hair around her head. He had never mixed his house for another on the street before.

Finally, he arrived at the hospital. He paid the driver and ran to the main door. The last thing he wanted was to spend one more minute in the freezing cold.

The automatic doors closed behind him and for the first time in the night, he was in a familiar place and it made him feel peaceful. It was silent in the hospital, but there was life.

He walked to Claire’s department — the pediatric department — looking for a beautiful tall woman with wild dark hair. He didn’t see her, but he couldn’t help but smile like an idiot when he saw Joe walking with a nurse. “Joe!” he exclaimed, not caring if he was interrupting them. Joe had been Claire’s friend before she met Jamie. They were friends in medical school and it had been him who had encouraged Claire to go on a date with Jamie, back in the day.

Jamie didn’t notice the puzzled look on the doctor’s face when the Scot walked to him. “Oh, Joe,” Jamie sighed, wrapping his arms around the man. “You have no idea how good it feels to see a familiar face. I’ve had the most terrible night!” Jamie exclaimed.

When he pulled back, he saw the doctor look at the nurse, telling her to go. “How can I help you?” his friend asked. He was on his guard.

“What’s that question? Of course I am here to see Claire!”

Jamie saw worry cross his face and suddenly, he thought something terrible had happened to her. “Claire?” he repeated.

“Well, yes. Claire. My Claire. Who else?”

“Doctor Claire?” he frowned.

“Yes. Doctor Claire Beauchamp. Or Lady Jane, LJ, whatever you like to call her.” Jamie was starting to worry. Things were not happening like he had expected and everybody was acting weird. “Did something happen to her?” Jamie swallowed, his throat tight.

“No. Just sit here, I’ll call her,” Joe said. Jamie could feel there was something in the air.

He sat on the seat and watched as he walked to the station and asked for a nurse to call her. In the meantime, Jamie felt his hands slowly warming up. He took his phone out of his pocket and sent a quick text to Jenny. Couldn’t make it. Don’t worry, I’m fine. Call you later.

He looked up from his phone when he heard the sound of the elevator. Claire walked out of the doors and made her way to the station. At the sight of her, Jamie felt all the pressure of the day fall off his shoulders. She was there, looking tired, but still beautiful, untamed curls escaping her ponytail.

He smiled at her, not feeling cold at all anymore. She walked past him, without even looking at him, as if he didn’t exist, and went to meet Joe. Jamie frowned. Surely, she must have seen him. He was hard to miss, six foot four with a mop of fiery hair.

He watched Joe whispering to her. Talking about him. Suddenly, she turned her head and met his eyes. Her look wasn’t loving and tender like she used to look at him. It was cold and distant. Like she didn’t know him.

They talked for a bit and Jamie heard her say ‘I’ll deal with it,” before she made his way towards him. Every step echoed in his head and he felt like he was about to faint. Something was wrong.

“What’s happening?” he asked, getting up. “Why is everybody acting like they don’t know me?”

She froze for a moment, not sure about what to say. “Can I help you with something?”

He laughed, but he didn’t find it funny. On the contrary, he was scared. “Well, I thought Jenny would have called ye by now. I had a terrible accident, my car is still on the highway and there’s a crazy woman living in our flat.”

She blinked. “Our flat?”

“Yes. Ye ken, the one we bought together six years ago…”

She frowned, not understanding a thing he was saying. His heart was hammering in his chest.

“Look, Claire, I dinna ken what’s happening, but please, stop this. Tell the cameras to come out now, I’m not in the mood for a surprise.”

She looked over his shoulder. Jamie turned around and saw Joe looking at them, prepared to jump and protect Claire.

“Look, I think you’re mistaking me for someone else,” Claire said slowly.


“Is everything alright?” Joe asked from behind Jamie. His voice was stronger now.

“It’s fine, thank ye,” Jamie said between clenched teeth. All he wanted was this circus to end right now and go back home with Claire.

“You said you had a car accident? Did you hit your head?”

Jamie opened his mouth to speak, desperate, but no words came out.

“Claire, do you know this man?” Joe asked.

“What?” Jamie asked, looking from Joe to Claire, to Joe.

I’ve never seen this man before in my life,” she said.

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It looks like a rather blustery day, today… 

Happy Windsday, Piglet.


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