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hollywood-portraits: Julia Roberts photographed by Michael…

Julia Roberts photographed by Michael Tighe, 1991.

talesfromweirdland:The beauty of butterflies: French entomologist/artist, Eugène Séguy (E.A. Seguy)…


The beauty of butterflies: French entomologist/artist, Eugène Séguy (E.A. Seguy) (1890-1985).

everythingfox: “The luckiest kids are raised with a good dog…


“The luckiest kids are raised with a good dog like this one..”


anonymous message: when did it all go to shyte?




Anonymous said:  Hi.  Since you seem to truly be neither Shipper or Anti…  What so you think really went down to tank Outlander?  Do you think something really caused a rift behind the scene with Sam and Cait?  Or do you think the fact that Ron D Moore washed his hands of it around mid Season 2 was the beginning of its undoing?  Or simply poor production since Season 2, inexperienced writers/directors?  Or the possibility that Sam and Cait just stopped caring after Season 2 filming?  Or even that it was pure kismet that thread Season 1 together so beautifully?  Thnx.

from @costumeperiod​ and @fandumb-dumpster-fire:    thnx for msg, Anon.   now are you talking about the demise of the fandumb?   or the demise of the show?   becuz for me, those are two separate entities.   so let’s talk about the show going to shit.

  1.  RDM’s departure

  2.  shifting the focus away from Jamie & Claire over to Roger & Bree

  3.  Season 4.   point blank, it’s an abomination.   and i’ve only reviewed the 1st two episodes.   and i don’t know if — or when, i’ll watch and review the remaining 11 eps?   but from what i’ve seen in the first two eps, Season 4 iz poorly written.   they dumbed-down the “Jamie Fraser” character.   Claire iz rude, hypocritical, judgmental, and not a likable person.

furthermore, this show should NEVER discuss slavery…  ever.   and based on the comments, one of the biggest disappointments of Season 4 was straying too far away from the books.

now as for the demise of the fandumb, it’s a domino effect.   the 1st domino to fall was Cait’s engagement, and later Cait’s supposed marriage has done more damage to this fandumb than ppl will ever realize.

and whether ppl like it or not, believe or not, agree with it or not — it does NOT matter, becuz here’s the truth:  when Cait got engaged and/or married, the fans felt used.   betrayed.   lied to.   let down.   misled.   deceived.   and gaslit.

and i know Cait iz allowed to have a personal life.   she’s allowed to have a boyfriend.   and she’s certainly allowed to get married — but ppl felt as if Sam and Cait promoted a relationship that did NOT exist just so they could promote the show.   help themselves stay relevant.   sell tickets to fan conventions.   and worst of all, use the most loyal members of the fandumb like their personal slush fund to support their charities and whatnot.

now with Cait’s engagement and/or supposed marriage, the 2nd domino to fall was the destruction of the idea of Sam and Cait…  becuz when you destroy the idea of Sam and Cait — and please know that’s an idea THEY created and THEY promoted — so once the idea of Sam and Cait disappears, then we start losing Shippers…  and once we this fandumb started losing Shippers…   for me, that’s when the fandumb went to shit.

becuz it was mostly Shippers who were giving us episode commentary, GIF-sets, reblogs, and blah-blah-blah.   and we havta remember this fandumb iz a community.   and when ppl start moving away, the community changes.

in short, losing Shippers means our community iz no longer fun.   it’s no longer exciting.   and when some of the largest blogs left, that’s like closing down a major highway, or damming a major river.   it stops the flow of information.   it disconnects ppl.   it’s also like tearing down a popular hotel, restaurant or tourist attraction…  the ppl who still live in this community wanna move away, and the ppl who visit don’t see a reason to stay.   does that make sense?

and that’s just my take on the situation.   i’m curious to see what others have to say, if they have anything to say at all.

I’ve never reblogged this person, but I technically see “no lies” … sounds about right

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