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The other day on The Hollywood Reporter site there was an article on the show The Affair and its former lead actress & her departure from the show. If you read that and still don’t believe that actors have their hands tied, would hide this or suggest that, have contract issues that regulate their lives … then you don’t want to believe.

The scary truth. Even after she left she wasn’t allowed to answer questions about why. It also makes sense that Cait was so new and naive during Season 1 that she may not have realized that she could set the boundaries that she can now.

Ruth Wilson Left ‘The Affair’ Amid Hostile Environment, Nudity Issues

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“I was doing some work late at night and my cat did this”


That behavior looks like pressing. If the cat is doing this repeatedly or is otherwise acting strange, have the cat checked by a vet. It can be a sign of illness or cancer.

‼️‼️‼️ It looks cute but “head pressing” is a sign of health problems. People that post photos and videos like this one probably don’t even know… ☹️

-“Head pressing is a veterinary condition characterized by pressing the head against a wall or pushing the face into a corner for no apparent reason.”

-“Head pressing is the act of a cat pressing their head against a wall or other hard object. Unlike when cats rub their head against you to show affection, head pressing happens for no apparent reason and could signal a serious health issue.”

-“Head pressing is the compulsive act of pressing the head against a wall or other surface relentlessly, for no apparent reason. It is different than head butting, a perfectly normal behavior where a cat rubs or bumps its head against a human or inanimate object as a sign of affection.”

Head Pressing in Cats – Know The Difference – Purrfect Love

‼️‼️‼️This article shows a few photos of cats head pressing.


Good to know thanks for the info, gonna reblog for awareness

IIRC dogs will also do something similar when they’re not feeling right.

Spread the word, save a furry life!

I don’t judge them for not wanting to do sex scenes, given I’m not the one naked “in front of” millions of ppl. But, do you think OL would have been as successful if it wasn’t for those scenes in S1?

Yes, I didn’t watch for the sex scenes. I watched for the beauty of Scotland and the beauty of the relationship between Jamie and Claire and the chemistry of Sam and Cait (who were complete unknowns to me because I watched after Season 1 aired).

If people watched primarily for the sex scenes, they really didn’t care about the show, IMO. You have to differentiate between the hook to acquire viewers and the depth of the show to retain them.

Tales from a Holiday AirBnb


Huge thanks to RomCom Queen @balfeheughlywed for putting her expertise to work on this one, and  @missclairebelle for her eagle eyes.  Loosely based on the movie The Holiday…hope you enjoy!

Part I

There are two things that Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp have in common, even though they have never met.  

One, they hate the holidays.

 For one of them, Christmas is a never-ending slog of drunken party goers who end up in the 

City Community Hospital A & E in Oxfordshire, England, with split skin requiring stitches, broken bones needing casts, and stomachs needing pumped from too much alcohol.

For the other, it’s non-stop noise and chaos in a house in Broch Tuarach, Scotland, as young children with sticky fingers run through the family home, hit each other while fighting over newly acquired toys, underscored by the same tired traditions of watching Dr. Who and the Queen’s Speech.

 Just the thought of having to face another Yuletide Festival of Vomit had Claire Beauchamp putting in for a full two weeks’ holidays at the beginning of October.  

 Just the thought of having to face five screaming, overtired children had Jamie plotting and scheming for months for a way to escape from Christmas at Lallybroch.  

So it was that on the evening of November 24th, while perusing the World Wide Web in their separate corners of the UK, Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp discovered the perfect cottage nestled in the mountains of the Scottish Highlands.  Described as cozy, with modern conveniences, including WiFi, and boasting stone fireplaces, it hit all the right notes.  Jamie envisioned packing a suitcase full of the books he’d never gotten around to reading.  Claire pictured lying about binge watching as much as she could on her laptop. That same night, after entering their information and credit card numbers, they both hit Confirm at precisely 8:21:06 GMT.  

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