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Fanfiction – Magnificent Strangers

There are places where you half-expect to meet the man of your
dreams: a dim nightclub, while you dance around each other in a sweaty
courtship; a Christmas party, showered with copious amounts of expensive booze;
a holiday at an adults-only resort in Barbados, crawling with other
slightly desperate single people; a trendy pub after work hours, eyes clashing
from different corners of the room.

And then there are places where you’d never expect to meet anyone
significant, much less the love of your life.

The crowded and solemn wake of a relative, who happens to be a
prominent figure in the community. A dentist appointment bound to leave you
with two less wisdom teeth and a swollen face for three days. A midnight impromptu
trip to a convenience store to grab sanitary towels, because your period
arrived unexpectedly, when you didn’t even bother to put on actual clothes
underneath your trench coat.  

Or a chemotherapy session, in the middle of your third treatment

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Happy Anniversary 🍒 3 years ago…

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Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe, ETCanada photoshoot (x)

Reblogging for that middle pic !  Sweet Jesus when Cait leans her head into him and he acknowledges her with that little smile ..

I have watched that middle one over and over a thousand times at least The way she closes her eyes dreamy like, and then he does the same thing. .


Reblogging and reiterating others comments…. that middle picture….::sigh::

Escape : Merry Christmas


December 23rd

Jamie unplugged the Christmas tree lights, and sighed heavily. He was bone tired.  He worked late that night knowing that the Distillery would be closed the 24th and 25th.  

Henry had been a challenge to get to bed.  He’d been poking and prodding at the gifts under the tree all night until Claire threatened to take every last gift back to the store if he didna stop.  She finally got him upstairs under threat of calling his Auntie Jenny and cancelling Christmas at Lallybroch.  

Jamie climbed the stairs, footsteps heavy, ready for bed.  

When he hit the top step, her small voice stopped him.  


“Aye, We’en.  Somethin’ amiss?”  

At 17, Bree was tall, and slender with long, wavy red hair, and ice blue eyes. She was a beautiful young woman, and it made Jamie both proud and sad to see how grown up she was.  The fact that he still called her ‘We’en’ was proof that he wasn’t ready to let his wee lass go. 

She motioned with her finger for him to be quiet, then beckoned him into her room.

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