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Loss Ficlet: Charlie


I have been struggling with writing since September. I have not been able to string together more than a few words together that I did not profoundly loathe.  I miss writing, particularly Loss Jamie and Claire.  The idea for the Charlie ficlet has been percolating for months and was born out of a talk well before Act II was finished with @balfeheughlywed​ and @notevenjokingfic​. To have the moment to share Charlie with you means a lot in this universe. Yes, this is part of a smut challenge, but you can figure out where to stop if you don’t want to read the sex.  I think Jamie and Claire’s intimacy here is beautiful, tender, and needed.

To Lauren, NEJF, and @kalendraashtar​, thank you for holding my hand through each step of this ficlet. Thank you for respecting me enough to tell me when I was losing the voice I’ve built over however many hundreds of thousands of words in this universe.  Thank you for helping me get over what I hope is a hump and not an impassable cavern in my writing. Thank you for listening to me when I was struggling, telling me I could do better, and believing in me when I wanted to give up.

To Lauren, you moodboard goddess, thanks for always knowing the heart of Loss Jamie and Claire and capturing their growing fam so perfectly.

To @desperationandgin​ and @smashing-teacups​ thanks for going along with the semi-hare-brained plot to write three more months of smut. Thanks for not letting me back out, even if I did need to have my shift rescheduled, and for ensuring the end-of-the-year existential crisis did not break me completely.

;nsfw under the cut; it’s not PWP, but it’s obvious where the ;nsfw bits begin if that is not your jam.


Loss Ficlet
December 2019

It was the eve of Christmas Eve. Owing to my work schedule, and the Murrays’ impending trip to Sao Tome for a Very Merry Equatorial Christmas, we celebrated our family Christmas early with a quick trip up to Lallybroch.

With my pre-pregnancy puffer jacket straining along the contour of my belly like a tectonic plate aching to split apart (the tags on the maternity jacket hanging in our front closet at home a metaphorical band-aid to be ripped off), I had buckled myself into the passenger seat. There, in the car, I had the startling realization that I was the meatier half of a plate of bangers and mash.

Claire Beauchamp: wife of preternaturally ripped Scot, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, expectant mum, and human sausage.

It was then that the zip that I had valiantly fought in the Murrays’ entryway split open from the bottom to mid-gut. Watching Jamie entreaty Buffalo Bill to make one final buffalo-sized poo before we hit the road, I could have just screamed.

And it was from this starting point that I found myself well and truly annoyed by everything.

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aloneandforsakenbyfateandbyman: 1. The Lovers of Valdaro are a…


1. The Lovers of Valdaro are a 6,000 year old Neolithic skeleton couple who were found buried together in Mantua, Italy. 

 They were both around 20, both 5′2, and had no physical trauma evident in their bones. They were buried with flint tools. Their limbs are entwined in an endless embrace.

2. The Hasanlu Lovers are 2,800 year skeletons found locked in an eternal kiss in Solduz Valley, Iran. 

 The body on its back was around 20 years old, and the other skeleton was around 30 and showed signs of injury on the right side of their body. They were found in a plaster grain bin, most likely hiding from soldiers in a raid, and asphyxiated during this time.

ourrubygirl: outlanderamerica: themusicsweetly: New TVGuide…




New TVGuide Cover for Outlander Season 5!

(📷: SharonAcord on Twitter)


She has a Scarlet O’Hara look about her.

Countdown – “Nine”


Thank you again to @shawsome872​ for the wonderful moodboard, which sparked this little story in this quaint coastal town. My heart belongs to @claryclark​, @wickedgoodbooks​, and @happytoobserve​ for their encouragement and eagle eyes. 

This story will update on Mondays and Fridays, and I can’t thank y’all enough for giving these two a chance. To all who are celebrate traditions this week, I hope you have a joyful holiday with your loved ones! 

Story continues below the cut. <3  (or if AO3 is more your speed, here you go!)


Jamie flew out of the toy store in downtown Wilmington, white paper bags packed with decorations, candy, and Christmas gifts for his four young nieces and nephews. Ticking off his mental checklist — Da, Ian, Jenny, their feisty wee bairns — he silently rejoiced at the completion of the hellish task of shopping two days before Christmas. As he walked up the stairs of Jester’s Cafe to grab a coffee and blackberry scone before heading home, he froze at the sight before him.

Claire was sitting at a table by the window, eyes focused behind her black-framed glasses on the mountain of paperwork in front of her. Her curls fell against the winter white sweater, providing a stark contrast of colors and textures that made Jamie’s heart jump out of his chest. He couldn’t resist smiling at the fact that Claire still chewed on her thumbnail while concentrating — a habit both he and Lamb had teased her about.


She’d never left his daily thoughts in all the time they’d been apart, but seeing her last night — taking in the intricate changes of her face, losing himself in that gorgeous amber gaze — had only deepened the roots she’d unknowingly planted in his mind years ago. The mere awareness of her presence placed his senses on high alert; that same alertness had emboldened him to say hi to her last night, and the leftover recklessness now propelled his legs through the front door.

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Where the Love Light Gleams




Rating: Mature

Also Read on: AO3

Summary: After an accident that changes Claire Randall’s life, she comes face to face with the man who saved her.

Author’s Note: Welcome to the first fic for the inaugural Winter of Want! Thank you so much to @smashingteacups​ and @missclairebelle​ for being my partners in crime! Also, thank you to them as well as @happytoobserve​ for being betas! And thank you so much to @fierceweebadger​ for the beautiful moodboard she made! I’m so grateful to all of my people ❤ 

On with the story!


The Cellist

The first time he’d ever seen Claire Randall she was a broken woman, close to being consumed by flames, blood matting dark curls to her forehead and neck. She’d been hanging upside down by her seatbelt, and he’d worked to get her out while the rest of his crew battled the fire and pulled the driver from the wreckage.

A husband and wife who’d been heading home, according to the upside-down (but still functioning) GPS. Witnesses explained the husband swerved to miss a deer, sideswiped an oncoming truck, and flipped the car down an embankment. Sparks set the dry grass on fire, and by the time help had arrived, strangers were attempting to use any spare water they could to stop the blaze’s progress.

Jamie’d known the husband died instantly, but when he asked the lass what her name was during a moment of consciousness, she’d looked right at him and he had no doubt she would live. The sheer will in those amber eyes was too intense to go out, too stubborn. It had only been a second, but in that brief moment of awareness, she’d said her name as calmly as if they were on a still sea.


She’d lost consciousness again after that, and Jamie had relinquished her to the medics. After his shift, he’d checked with the hospital, discovered she would live, and gone home. He’d thought about visiting her, but he was a stranger and her husband was dead. It didn’t seem like the time to introduce himself, though a part of him, perhaps, hoped that she would reach out to him, want to meet the person who saved her. The call never came, and he prayed the young widow was able to move on with her life, find some sort of happiness again. His dreams reminded him of her periodically, but over the next five years, all that he could remember were those eyes.

Until he walks into the Firefighter’s Charity Ball and there she is, on a stage flanked by seven others. Amid various Christmas decor, the woman he’d last seen bloody and fragile, plays the cello, the symphonic strains of O Come, All Ye Faithful filling the room thanks to the small octet. He stares, unable to look away, lips parting to see her so vibrant. So alive. She looks bonny, better than, with her curls floating like a cloud around her head. She’s in a simple black dress with the barest hint of her calves showing as she plays, and he’s sure he’s never wanted to know another woman this badly in his life.

Taking a sip of whisky as he admires the way she plays, the song fades, and she begins to put aside her bow. Before Jamie can look away, her eyes land directly on him.

She has no idea who he is.

He can see it in the way her gaze drifts immediately, looking out at the crowd before refocusing on her sheet music.

She has no idea that the man who saved her life is standing right in front of her.

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This first installment is a triumph. Perfect pace, balance of fluff and angst and sexiness, great dialogue, lots of flail-worthy moments. It’s incredible what you manage to create in one chapter, the absolute feeling of certainty between them. Lots of love for this ❤️

All the Shine of a Thousand Spotlights



My entire schedule for this second arc and when it would start came down to posting this around Christmas. I hope you enjoy this and have a lovely Christmas! 

Chapter Twelve: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

The day that John had expected me at our shared workspace, I marched in with a plan in mind. I hadn’t talked it out with Jamie because I was fairly sure he’d try to talk me out of it. He was a bit afraid that if I changed my work life for him that I’d regret it. Well, he hadn’t said as much, but I could tell. 

Both of us had been a bit anxious about the changes awaiting us. The first night that Jamie went to the theater without me, he’d paused at the door, looking back at me. For all the bravado he’d had and promises that we’d be fine, he’d seemed a bit unsure. Pulling me in, he’d given me a long kiss and promised me that he’d be back after his show. I’d smiled and told him that I’d be waiting. That night had set the scene for the next week of shows before I had to start work again. John had given me til the next Monday and I planned to make use of every minute I had before I was expected to work again. When Jamie left for the theater the Saturday before I was to return to work, my plan struck me. 

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