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garadinervi:Shigeo Okamoto, Mino Paper Exhibition, 2003

garadinervi:Shigeo Okamoto, Mino Paper Exhibition, 2003

invisiblerobotgirl: Gosh, that part in Much Ado About…


Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 


That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.

feo-oliau:Harper’s Bazaar UK – December 2019 part 5

feo-oliau:Harper’s Bazaar UK – December 2019 part 5

Tales from a Holiday AirBnb


Part I

Part II

If the internet conspired to bring Jamie and Claire together, Mother Nature made sure they stayed that way.  She laid a blanket of snow so thick that Jamie’s car was nothing but a high drift in the driveway.  

The BBC was calling it an obvious show of Climate Change.  

The Earth Goddess would call it matchmaking.  


A weak winter light lengthens across the bedroom floor, gently brightening the room.  Claire stretches under the mountainous duvet, feeling warm and well rested.  There isn’t a sound anywhere.  No street noises.  No voices.  Just blessed silence.

She can’t remember the last time she was surrounded by a quiet like this.  Her life is a series of sounds, from hospital pages, to sirens, to human groans, and screams.  Her flat is filled with noises from traffic, television, and radio, to her neighbour’s domestic disputes.  

She savors the silence for a few moments, but that peace is short-lived when she suddenly remembers the Scot in her living room.  Reluctantly she extracts herself from the bed, puts on some socks and a long sweater, and creeps down the stairs.  

He’s sprawled on a sofa that’s much too small for him.  One leg is dangling off the side, the other rests over the arm of the couch.  He’s flat on his back with the blanket bunched around his waist.  He sleeps like the dead, hands resting on well-formed abs.  Just the right amount of reddish-gold hair adorns his chest.  His auburn curls are matted along his head and down his neck.  He looks both boyish and dead sexy at the same time, and it makes her feel a bit dizzy.  

Regardless, he needs to leave.  Today.

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mindo80: “Never treat your audience as customers, always as…


“Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.”

– Jimmy Stewart, born on this day in 1908.

How to travel in Hong Kong amid protests

How to travel in Hong Kong amid protests:


thanks for being here, andrea sachs / (source: | 23 dec 2019)

“Planning your trip around protests can be more stressful than necessary, but if you can move around and avoid them, it’s not as dangerous,” said Matthew Bradley, regional security director for the Americas at International SOS. “You just need to be super flexible and willing to go with the flow.”

“Culturally, it’s not insensitive to visit,” said Bradley. “You can experience their pursuit of democracy.”

… When I was researching my trip to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (its official name), I reached out to Leo and Carole, friends whose mid-November trip coincided with one of the most violent periods since the protests started six months ago. Leo’s appraisal: “We didn’t feel threatened in any way. We just walked around and minded our own business.”

… On my first night, I headed down to the water’s edge to watch the Symphony of Lights, a laser and sound show featuring more than 40 illuminated buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour. I plotted a route that would skirt the Observation Wheel and cut through an anti-tear-gas rally. Hundreds of attendees sat on the ground and listened to speakers address the police’s use of tear gas and explain the effects of the toxins. The crowd was quiet and respectful. After the light spectacle, I circled back to the rally. A girl in a school uniform knelt on the sidewalk and spray-painted “Ideas are bulletproof” in English and Cantonese, a quote from the movie “V for Vendetta.” On another patch of sidewalk, she scrawled “12.8.” I knew that date well.

Hong Kong Free Tours started offering its Protest Tour in October, soon after the government banned protesters from wearing masks. The last tour, in November, did not go well. The two participants, plus Michael, who was guiding, were exposed to tear gas. Michael suspended the excursion before tiptoeing back onto the streets a few weeks ago. The December 8 march organised by Civil Human Rights Front marked his official return.

Seven of us from around the world – Sweden, China, the Netherlands, Israel, Singapore and Wisconsin – met at the starting point in Victoria Park on Causeway Bay. With our predominantly Western faces and light-coloured clothes, we stood out among the black-outfitted Hongkongers pouring out of the metro station. Many of them gripped umbrellas, but not for protection from inclement weather. Michael introduced himself and halfjokingly told us he didn’t want to know our names or personal details. He explained that we were not protesting; we were on a tour in a protest, which is why we could wear masks. (The law has a few exceptions and loopholes.) Even so, I declined one of the medical masks a woman was handing out …

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