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Fanfiction – Magnificent Strangers


Your reaction to the first chapter of this story floored me; I hope you enjoy this second part just as much

❤️. Special thanks to @holdhertightandsayhername​, who makes me a better writer with her excitement, support and wisdom.

Part I 

Magnificent Strangers

Part II – Something

groan loudly in pleasure at the second bite of my chocolate croissant, when I
notice Jamie’s gaze, brimming with awe and blatant hilarity.

I ask, my mouth so full of flaky and buttery pastry dough, there’s no way I can
pretend I’m a proper lady, instead of a black-hole-meant-for-food-obliteration.

yer raiding party come here much?” He asks with a grin that would put the Cheshire Cat to shame. “Ye eat like a Viking, lass.” Jamie takes a sip of his
black coffee, accompanied by a plain whole wheat toast; on my side of the
cafeteria table, a glass of orange juice, a cheese sandwich, a plate of fruit
and a croissant are in close collusion to make me very happy. “A damned starved
at that.”

is very important when you’re battling cancer.” I retort primly, brushing away
incriminating crumbs from my demolishing mouth. I’ve obviously failed to
mention pain au chocolat isn’t
exactly the prime example in the antioxidant and vitamin-wealthy department. “I
need to keep my energy levels up there.” I raise my hand to show how high I
want to go (fairly high for my pocket
size existence
) and he snorts.

oncologist is assigned tae ye?” Jamie cleans his mouth with a white napkin and
I secretly conspire to grab it as a souvenir, because this man is uncannily
sexy in the simplest ways. “I have Doctor

too!” I roll my eyes and smile at him, delighted that he uses her nickname as

Grey is posh and collected, always dressed in hues of black, white and dégradés of dull, and there’s a legend
on the Infirmary’s halls that she was spotted smiling once, a gesture so bizarre that
inflicted the most cruel terror in the hearts of those who witnessed it. The
ironic moniker Doctor Sunshine is
passed down amongst her cancer patients like a prized baton. She seems
competent enough, so I’m more than happy to endure her colourless taste.

she happy with how your treatment is going?” I ask quietly, knowing this can be
a delicate subject to many people around the ward, but also absurdly curious
about everything regarding the SAS agent in front of me.

He shrugs and studies me intently, with those
military eyes that demand instant surrender. “I think she’s hopeful. I’m no’
ready to die just yet, Sassenach.” He nibbles the crust of his toast with an
intentionality that makes my toes curl, my belly clench (it is as if he animates me from the outside in, my own ventriloquist).
“I mean, I have lived a fairly good life so far – I’ve travelled, fucked,
laughed and let myself be moved more than most people ever will. I have grown
things with my own hands and levelled some as well. But there’s still something
important missing, I reckon.” His eyes soften and his voice turns into a
whisper, so much so I have to lean a bit towards him to listen. “A great love story.”

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Dark Shines – Master List


Murder 1

Part I – Four Women

Part II – Address of a Witch

Part III – Tasseography

Part IV Conversations With Cats

Part V – The Eraser

Part VI – Opioids

Part VII – The Dove

Part VIII – Witness

Part IX – The Fall

Part X The Demon

laclygrantham: The Verandah, c. 2009. Cressida Campbell

The Verandah, c. 2009. Cressida Campbell

One Summer, Part XVI (Letters & Mattresses)


It’s been a minute (or fifty). To anyone who is still reading or wanting to see how these two end up, I hope that the wait will be worth it. ❤️

Part I (Adso), Part II (Dislocated), Part III (Entryway), Part IV (Pizza & Beer), Part V (Croissants & Coffee), Part VI (SMS), Part VII (Desktop), Part VIII (Sunday Sunflowers & Sundresses), Part IX (Caught Out), Part X (Netflix & Advil), Part XXI (Ben Nevis & Loch Lomond), Part XII (Non-Negotiable), Part XIII (Same), Part XIV (Toothbrushes & Eyeglasses), Part XV (Renovation & Dresser Drawers)

One Summer
Part XVI: Letters & Mattresses

By the time the first of the Highlands’ lush greens began to begrudgingly adopt thousands of fiery hues that heralded oncoming autumn, Claire stopped using the adjective “fucking” in referencing to the bed-and-breakfast.

It was mid-September, and the fucking-bed-and-breakfast had become Leoch Manor.

Her bed-and-breakfast.

And a lot of things had changed.

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bloodedcelt: I love hidden details of craftmanship. Someone…

I love hidden details of craftmanship. Someone spent a lot of time getting something that will almost never been seen.

quotesndnotes:Marriage advice from 1886.

quotesndnotes:Marriage advice from 1886.

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