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jenny-jinya: Okay, I’m sorry but I just feel so restless about…


Okay, I’m sorry but I just feel so restless about the bushfires, I made a mini-comic. Maybe it will get a few more people to donate. I wish I could do more.  Please see if you want to help.


kkruml: themusicsweetly: c o n s e n ti s   d a m ns    e    x…



c o n s e n t
i s   d a m n
s    e    x    y


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OUTLANDER, Season 5 (2020)

Stop. Look at them 🥺🥺🥺🥺

Fanfiction – Something Beautiful II


Some stories find us exactly at the right time. The story of Duck and Sassenach found me when I needed
it the most and brought to me the kind of rare joy I will cherish forever. There’s
a different kind of power in telling a light, happy, story, that I truly enjoyed
discovering. While this arc closes today, I’m not saying goodbye – I intend to
visit them again, more than likely through ficlets, and I count on you to tell
me what you’d like to read as well. Thank you to all who read, supported,
commented and championed Duck as he fought to be with the girl of his
dreams and to make her absurdly happy. All my love, Kal. X


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Something Beautiful II

Part X – Husband (II)


The Red String of Fate.

the last month of my solo travels, I had found myself in Japan, searching for
the peace of raining cherry blossoms, quiet temples and ancient tales of
unbreakable honour. There, I was told about the legend of an invisible red
thread, tied around the little finger by the gods, which connects those who are
destined to be together, regardless of time, place and circumstance. It is said
the Red String of Fate may stretch or
tangle, but it will never break.

that occasion, I had decided to return to Scotland. To Claire.

had long before realized my love for her would
never break
or be tamed, no matter how many mountains I stretched that
thread across or how many deep oceans I submerged it in. Our thread was long
and unyielding, thickened by years of familiarity, connecting me to her

many years later, I would start to believe she might feel the pull of that
thread too, tugging her ever closer (that
I, alone, possessed the other end

don’t think I’ve ever loved her as much as I did that night, as I saw her
walking towards me on the beach near our house, surrounded by a cloak of
darkness and stars. Even if her stunning wedding dress seemed somewhat
mismatched with knee-high Wellington boots, a long black parka coat and a set
of colourful mittens and beanie, I’d never seen her more striking.

I watched her, the pad of my thumb pressed the cold metal of the wedding band
against my flesh for the umpteenth time, anchoring me to its realness. The now visible end of my thread.

out here, are you?” Claire accused me amicably, before she plopped down
unceremoniously next to me, well within the merciful influence of a bonfire.
The dress’ fabric billowed around her, like a fallen cloud laying in the sand
for one night’s rest. “The party is still going strong. Mrs. Graham was
forming a conga line just before I escaped to find you. Tipsy people are
sleeping and cavorting everywhere in the house.”

grunted, somewhat desperately. “I’m exhausted. Shouldn’t they be as

sighed, fished inside her large right pocket and produced my Voldemort Funko
keychain, dangling from her index finger. “If I wave this around,
do you think it will drive the message home?”

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historicalevents: Workmen try to drape the portrait of Mao in…


Workmen try to drape the portrait of Mao in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square after it was pelted with paint during the students’ protests

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