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Updates to WLW Visual Novel ‘A Summer’s End’: Dev. Acknowledge Hong Kong Protests, Teases Trailer, Delays Release to 2020


Oracle & Bone Studio’s upcoming Yuri visual novel, A Summer’s End – Hong Kong, 1986, has been delayed to early 2020. It was initially scheduled for release in December 2019. The interactive game looks to pay homage to Asian cinema and LGBTQ history.


On December 26, the developer posted on Twitter that, although the game was delayed, “hours of more content” were added to the game, as well as improvements to the story and art. The studio also promised the release of a new trailer in 2020, which it teased in a short video.

A Summer’s End – Hong Kong, 1986, follows the story of Michelle, a young woman living in Hong Kong in the 1980s. She meets the free-spirited Sam, and the two begin a relationship. As the women grow closer, Michelle is forced to choose between her feelings and tradition.


The visual novel boasts over 300 unique art assets, including 30 CG cutscenes, divergent paths with two endings, and adult-orientated scenes. According to the studio, A Summer’s End will have an average playtime of five hours.


Oracle & Bone describe the visual novel as a “story about seeking identity and meaning in a rapidly changing world where conflicting worldviews and cultures collide.”


The studio is looking to pay homage to classic Asian cinema, such as Early Summer and Rouge. The artwork and character designs are inspired by 80s anime, such as City Hunter, as well as Hong Kong-based manhua and contemporary fashion.


In a post on the official A Summer’s End website, the developers expressed the importance of telling an accurate account of lesbian love in 1980s Hong Kong, “ When we began our project, we worried about the authenticity of the story’s premise… We wanted it to be a believable and realistic love story. We had to do our research.” Oracle & Bone looked at LGBTQ history in China, including specific accounts. Although they admit that written statements and history are few and often prejudicial, ultimately, Oracle & Bone decided to acknowledged and contribute to both the queer women of Southern China who were able to live “quiet but beautifully fulfilled lives” and those who experienced suffering and tragedy because of their identity.


Finally, the studio looked to the current situation in Hong Kong, the setting of their game. Hong Kong, which is a special administrative region of China, has been experiencing massive ongoing protests about China’s control and influence (this is a drastic oversimplification). In a statement on its website (copied in its entirety below), Oracle & Bone acknowledge the “privilege of creating this work in a place where freedom of speech, right of assembly, and LGBT rights are relatively protected” and the “struggles that Hong Kong people are facing now.”

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A Royal Affair: (complete)

James Fraser, first heir to the throne enrolls at the prestigious University of Oxford where he meets Claire Beauchamp, the only female student on campus who doesn’t care about his title.

  • ARC I:

Ch.1.0 / Ch.1.1 / Ch.1.2 / Ch.1.3 / Ch.1.4 /
Ch.1.5 / Ch.1.6 / Ch.1.7 / Ch.1.8 / Ch.1.9

  • Arc II:

Ch.2.0 / Ch.2.1 / Ch.2.2 / Ch.2.3 / Ch.2.4 /
Ch.2.5 / Ch.2.6 / Ch.2.7 / Ch.2.8 / Ch.2.9

Arc III:

Ch.3.0 / Ch.3.1 / Ch.3.2 / Ch.3.3 / Ch.3.4 /
Ch.3.5 / Ch.3.6 / Ch.3.7 / Ch.3.8 / Ch.3.9 

Ficlets: #1 / #2

These Days: (complete)

Jamie and Claire meet again at their high school reunion, 20 years after their last kiss.

Save Tonight: (complete)

Stationed in France, Claire Beauchamp, a combat nurse crosses paths with Lieutenant James Fraser and her life is forever changed.

POSE: (complete) 

Fashion month is always a little bit chaotic. Early mornings. Late nights. Parties. Noise. People. Too many people. Claire Beauchamp knows it all. After almost three years working as a model , she’s even used to it. It’s almost a routine. Until she meets James Fraser, a photographer. And time  slows down for just a minute in the midst of madness.  

Gold Dust Woman: (complete)


That’s who she was when she was on stage. Fearless and nearly possessed by the lyrics she sang to crowds all over the world. Free. She couldn’t explain the thrill it brought her. It was like a rebirth. She was the biggest rockstar of her generation, travelling all over the world and making art.

But that was all a facade.

Offstage, Elizabeth turned back into plain Claire Beauchamp. Wrapped in silence and insecurities. Wrapped in her solitude, her only solace in a world of pretend.

When her world finally goes crumbling down, she flees to the Highlands to soothe more than a broken heart.

The Coffee Incident:

James Fraser is a handsome rich bachelor who will never go on a date with the same woman twice until one morning when he meets Claire Beauchamp…who is not interested.

Brujerìa: (complete)

Being a witch was a detail Claire Beauchamp omitted to tell people. She was determined to live her life as normally as possible and she was doing a pretty good job of it. At least until her meeting with a stranger sent her life into a spiral and revealed secrets about her past she never suspected.

Glimmer In The Shadow: (complete)

Jamie Fraser spent the last 12 years thinking about his wife, his love – Claire. Their parting on the eve of Culloden would haunt him forever. Changed by events in her life, Claire returns to the past – the 18th century, searching for her husband but when she finds him at Helwater… things don’t go as planned. (Co – written with @curlsgetdemgurls )

Oxford Tales: (complete)

James Fraser has been in love with Claire Beauchamp since they both were seven years old but she’s been quite clueless about it. It’s the story of their lives intertwined, over the years, in the little town of Oxford. (Co-written with @curlsgetdemgurls )

Sèididh Ùine – Veil Of Time: (complete) 

After spending five years as a combat nurse during WWII, Claire Beauchamp decides to make a home in the Scottish Highlands when she finds an ancestral home to renovate. (co-written with @curlsgetdemgurls )

Mrs.Beauchamp (complete)

Everyone knew a couple of things about Mrs. Beauchamp.

She taught on campus three days a week while the rest was spent doing selected surgeries in a renowned hospital in London. She was a former combat nurse. She was also the first woman enrolled at Harvard Medical, in Boston, back in the late forties, and one of the few practising cardiology in the world these days. Other than these pieces of information, not much else about the Oxford professor was known to Jamie.

Except for the fact that Claire Beauchamp was twenty years his senior.

Just Friends (complete)

They live together. They sleep together. But they’re just friends.


It’s WWII, France is under German occupation. Claire Beauchamp, french by marriage, must house a soldier named James Fraser, Scottish by birth, who finds himself fighting along with the enemies.

Things aren’t always as they seem and as the war rages on, both Jamie and Claire must fight for what they believe in and ultimately learn to be allies.

One Shot:

1. Matching Tattoos / 2. All Alone / 3. In The Mood For Love / 4.The Girlfriend. / 5.San Francisco  / 6.Bewitched

Everyone stop what you’re doing and read all of these. You won’t regret it!

Fanfiction – Magnificent Strangers


Part I , Part II

Magnificent Strangers

Part III – Not
Jane Austen

Chemotherapy Tuesday, I feel
uncharacteristically hopeful, not necessarily in a cure for my illness, but in
a resolution for that debilitating feeling of disconnect. When you’re
diagnosed, it feels a bit like yielding a very sharp knife, cutting all the
tethers that anchor you to life, to a sense of self and to normalcy. For once,
life is calling me from that place, instead of looming death.

I enter the room, he is already there, this time cradling his own tablet like an
infant’s head in his big palm. I wave in greeting and he smiles back
momentarily, but keeps reading, thoroughly enthralled.

Pterodactyl (small, quirky and slightly unnerving)
comes to plug me in and I expect Jamie to initiate conversation, just as he did
the day before. His eyes are fixed on the screen, wide and still-lake blue, and
by the look on his face he might be reading The
Book of Revelation.

try to distract myself by looking at the treatment room’s decoration – or lack thereof -, remarkably naked of
gimcrack and gewgaw, with a sole picture of a sunny field occupying the large
wall. I guess there’s no point in trying to make such a place more suitable for
the living; cancer ruins any attempt at proper feng shui.

chit-chat today, huh?” I tease after a while, hopelessly eager to be standing
in the sun of his smiling blue eyes yet again.

the most engrossing read, Sassenach.”
He nods gravely and smiles in a way that makes my solar plexus do a full spin,
his handsome face like a pinch in between ribs, straight into the frailty
amidst bone. A dark suspicion that he’s reading the complete works of LadyCurlyWig_1 creeps in, and I’m both
mortified and elated.

purse my lips, decided to be the coolest
of cool
, eyeing the drip of chemo as I tap my index finger against my thigh
rhythmically. My eyes keep seeking his face (the scar on his temple the size of my thumb’s nail, the patches of
blonde stubble on his jaw, the tiny mole on the back of his right ear
) and
I notice the puzzled frown of his brows as soon as it dawns, the way his mouth
opens and closes in quick succession.

cogs must be rusty,” I point sheepishly, playing with my earring. “I
can hear them turning from over here.”

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