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I’ve never read the books but I was wondering if I could ask why fans were so mad that Jamie and Claire weren’t at their grandsons birth? It didn’t even cross my mind as a non-book reader.

In Drums of Autumn, it was a nice moment where Jamie bonded with Brianna – after all the drama with Roger – and really cemented their bond as father and daughter.

We didn’t get that in the series. But I’m OK with that, given the different plot and story choices that were made. 

We’ll *always* get less in the series than we have in the Books – because of the difficulties inherent in adapting 500+ page books to 13 hours of television, while maintaining coherent storylines that (let’s face it) aren’t very straightforward, especially in the later books.

How great was that ET Canada interviewer? If she wanted to moderate some panels, I’d be down! Also my favorite part was when she asked what Cait was doing when Oscar noms came out and she looked right at Sam. I thought, oh so he knows where and what you were doing?!

And that she slept late.

PS. If she’d been in the UK, it would have been lunch time. So she was in LA early as we suspected.

The interviewer was good. If I’m not mistaken, ET Canada usually has good people.

lovinghk:Thank you Glasgow! A poster on a lennon wall in HK.

lovinghk:Thank you Glasgow! A poster on a lennon wall in HK.

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