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Fanfiction: The Infinite Free Buffet

Fanfiction: The Infinite Free Buffet:



I have a new essay up!!!! Cha boi got to talk about all the reasons why fanfic is awesome and worthwhile and beautiful, go check it out

listen. l i s t e n. LISTEN. *read this essay* Some highlights:

– “Respectable is the very last thing that fanfiction should ever be.” you’re RIGHT and you SHOULD say it

 – “It’s a door of the world flung wide open with a neon billboard saying, “Welcome to the infinite free buffet!” and there’s nothing but food as far as the eye can see—every possible kind of every possible quality. If there’s something you’ve been longing for years to eat, you can find it.
You can, possibly for the first time in your life, not just be fed but be nourished.”
Don’t mind me I shall be over here. CASUALLY W E E P I N G

 – “I have a collection of metaphors and arguments that I have amassed over the years to explain to a skeptical and patronizing boy why Fanfiction Is Cool Actually, but all of them do the genre a disservice to some degree.”
An Incomplete List of Metaphors i have used to describe fanfiction:
    – a laboratory full of Smoke and Explosions and Excited Scientists
   – like going back in time and telling stories around the campfire with no stakes except entertaining yourself
    – Academia, but Feral
    – the only viable way to have a conversation with media on any kind of equal footing


 – “It is a sandbox, open for anyone to come in and play, and build castles, and kick other people’s castles down, and learn and grow as writers, as critics, as people. It is a living, breathing conversation with both itself and with the professional canon.”


The longer I live, the more profic friends I have, and the more I have seen those profic friends come back to fandom, or come to fandom for the first time. And they come to realize how special fandom is. 

Fanfiction is nothing more or less than the distilled core of Why We Write: it is the freedom to explore ideas, and friends to explore them with. I don’t need respectability or a metaphor to justify that shit. 

thefrasers: i’m a marrit man  (ง •̀_•́ )ง


i’m a marrit man  (ง •̀_•́ )ง

missclairebelle: holdhertightandsayhername: Hi guys! :) This WW1-themed one-shot is my submission…




Hi guys! :) This WW1-themed one-shot is my submission for the One Quote, One Shot challenge by @notevenjokingficand @balfeheughlywed. Thank you ladies for putting this together! The quote assigned to me was: A moment later, he reached again to touch my face. “Is it me?” he asked quietly. “Can ye not bear me?”

It’s called The long way back, and it’s very different from TSoT, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading 😊 

As always, thank you to my darling @kalendraashtar for her beta skills, her time and her friendship. ♥️


April 12, 1917

My Sassenach,

You’ll be glad to hear that I was lucky enough to come through once more. But if hell is any worse than this, I wish to God I had never committed a sin.

I have lost about fifty men today in Roclincourt—I should say ‘lads’, because that’s what they were; not much older than wee Ronnie McNab. We just buried a private from Kinross. He could have been my brother, and I thanked Christ that he wasn’t. I shall always grieve for Willie’s death, but it is comforting to know that he passed in our mother’s arms, untouched by this senseless violence.

Forgive me, mo nighean donn, for my gloomy spirits. It has been a long night, but me and Ian are well, all things considered, and I find strength in the knowledge that you are safe in Lallybroch.

Read here

Note: Every Sunday from now until the season 5 premiere, I’m going to reflect on some of my favorite stories that helped me get through Droughtlander 2k19-2k20. 

The first is The long way back by HHTASHN.

This story by @holdhertightandsayhername goes down as one of my favorite stories ever. It is a fandom G.O.A.T. The nuance of characterization and care that goes into each turn of phrase here is beautiful. Jen gave us a glimpse into the souls of two people damaged and hurting in different ways, and the artful way she draws them back together is a masterclass in writing. This is the kind of work that will stay with me long after I’m over Outlander and am no longer a participant in this fandom. If you haven’t read this before, settle in with some tissues, some cozy socks, and a warm bevvie. You’re in for a treat.


wickedgoodbooks:I read the first chapter, and I’m curious to see where this story is going to take…


I read the first chapter, and I’m curious to see where this story is going to take us!
loved the different take on the injury :) cleverly done


STOP what you are doing and check out this story!

@fierceweebadger is bringing us Astronaut Jamie in “The Bonds Of Earth”! 🔥👨🏼‍🚀🔥

I am so excited for this!

Look at her awesome moodboard! (Modified due to Tumblr flagging it as “adult content”)

Happy To Observe on Twitter

Love you Beth! I can’t wait to see where you take us on this adventure! 😍

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