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How can it be that no one has ever seen T on a plane on route to LA, in the airport, on street and not during a work event. Someone in this fandom would surely recognize him.

Haven’t you seen him on the red carpet? He’s stealth.

onlinecounsellingcollege: “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more…


“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”

— Maya Angelou

New Year’s (independence) Day



This one-shot is part of the @thelallybrochlibrary Prompt Exchange. I apologize for its lateness.  

Prompt:  Jamie and Claire both work in politics.  Jamie is a strong proponent of an independent Scotland.  Claire is sent to Scotland to try to get him to tone it down, from @wordlady60

I hope it’s what you were hoping for!  Special thanks to @missclairebelle for saving the ending. I owe you so much Chipotle.  

DISCLAIMER: I used this article to get a sense of what independence might mean for the Scottish NHS. All mistakes are my own, some tweaked to create drama and fit the story.  


7:48 am.

The black sedan rolls up in front of St. Andrew’s House on the south side of Calton Hill, Edinburgh.

“We’re here, Ma’am,” the driver announces unnecessarily, as it’s obvious where they are.  To call it a House is a misnomer.  This place is huge.  The large, grey stone building with its art deco style is the headquarters of the Scottish Government.    

Claire reaches across the seat to gather her things.  Her hands shake a little as she fumbles for the strap of her purse, and the handles of her briefcase.

When the car door opens, she swings her legs around, and steps out.  She has to steady herself for a moment on weak knees.  This meeting is incredibly important.  As a representative of the NHS, Dr. Claire Beauchamp is here for one thing, and one thing only.  To talk the Health Secretary into voting against an Independent Scotland using the NHS as bait.

The air inside the government building is as damp and dreich as the weather outside.  Claire’s heels click loudly, in contrast to the softer treads of the men she’s with – assistants, lawyers, other doctors.  And yet, she’s been told by Downing Street to run point on this.  

The large wooden door to the meeting room is propped open, and Claire enters first.  The room is imposing.  The Saltire has a place of honour on the south wall, while Scotland’s Coat of Arms hangs opposite.  The long wooden table is set with a legal pad of paper, several pens, and a bottle of water at each seat.  

She searches the place cards for her name, sits down.  She’s smack dab in the middle.  No need to look across the table, she knows what she’ll find.  

She’s going to be up against the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Mr. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.  A quick meeting with the powers that be, including the Prime Minister, provided her with everything she needed to know.  Young, smart, and fierce, the Secretary is a vocal proponent for Independence.  

She has her work cut out for her.

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This was incredible! I can only imagine how much research went into this to get all these immersive details right, but I was in it with them. Brava on that, and also, holy 🔥

reilly310:From another angle.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand…


From another angle.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Time Flies, doesn’t it, when you’re having fun? Happy third anniversary to this shipper gem. Here’s a shot of Cait and the guy she was dating at the TS premiere

I was going to ask about that “remarkable” mention in a Sam interview…what is the info source. Talking about Caitriona in the interview didn’t require that specific side info. If it came from Starz, that throws a light again on the players in this story. Because it wouldn’t be from Sam only PR, and why would Cait PR get involved in Sam press. The commonality between the 2 is Starz.


Although it was allowed to be asked by all involved.

I’ve never seen a TV show promo quite like this.

Do you know anything about the hashtag that fans were talking about? Apparently it was mean towards Cait? No one I follow has said what it was.

If it’s the one I saw, I didn’t think it was mean, just sarcastic.

I think people were allowed to be a little sarcastic after yesterday’s nonsense. Of course, she’ll probably just dig on if she catches wind of it from her “media manager”.

I follow very few people on my OL Twitter account so I don’t know any details beyond that. I have no time for the back and forth.

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