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The Greatest Ride [Part III]


A/N: this story was supposed to be a one-shot for the fabulous #moodboard challenge by the lovely @outlanderlush and @iamnottrisha, but during writing the first part for the moodboard challenge, I already knew this had the potential to be more than that.

so here’s to all of you who enjoy my writing enough to give this a chance and who encouraged me to write more for these two bold souls.
to all of you who read silently, leave a little heart, reblog and recommend, or leave a comment.

as always my gratitude to the people who help me get my writing into shape:
@happytoobserve​, @isitgintimeyet and @lcbeauchampoftarth

And special thanks to @ for the moodboard that inspired this :)

Converging Roads

The days after my night with Jamie passed quickly, filled to the brim with an endless stream of hospital work and trying to maintain something resembling a social life. But during the small moments in between, when there was enough time to do more than take a hasty bite out of a soggy bacon roll while half-listening to my friend Gillian rave about her latest obsession—featuring this month: Bikram Yoga—my mind would, more often than not, wander towards a brilliantly smug smile and flaming copper hair.


It was in these moments that I would suddenly find myself watching from the side-lines—a fascinated spectator—as two conflicting emotions battled for dominance: euphoric, happy-sigh-inducing reminiscence against red-hot outrage at my own incapacity to ask for his number. While this sparring match was as distracting as it was entertaining, the fact that Jamie had also not taken any active step to set up the possibility of a future meeting had not escaped my notice. I had been in a hurry to get home and then to work; he, on the other hand, had no such obvious excuse.

It had been a spur of the moment adventure for both of us—that much was clear from our chance meeting. Just two strangers, two bike lovers acting on an undeniable attraction in the parking lot of Fraser Motors. A casual fling; something to quench the thirst of desire and nothing more. At least, that’s what I’d expected when I accepted Jamie’s invitation for a drink on the spot. So, the assumption that maybe he wasn’t looking for anything beyond that either wasn’t exactly a farfetched one.

It had felt a lot more than casual, though.

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