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what’s the story about that photo when caitriona were wearing something like a nightdress and Sam a white T-shirt? it’s a really intimate picture

I’m assuming you mean this gem?

This was taken at Comic Con in 2014. It was taken in the morning so two things are very clear: that’s Sam and Cait. In their fucking pajamas. They were never seen in these “outfits” again after this pic. Which means there are 2 possibilities here: 1) they slept in separate rooms and decided for the hell of it to take a selfie before either of them got dressed. 2) they slept in the same room and decided to take a selfie before they got dressed, lookin like they’d had sex all night long a bit too fresh faced. It also later came out that, at the time this selfie was taken I believe, they had “gone missing” and weren’t present for some sort of whisky tasting or something with other members of the OL crew that were there – Maril, Diana, Graham and maybe Ron? too busy taking selfies in their pajamas, obviously. 

also yes, Cait’s sitting on his lap. and yes I believe their arms are around each other. HOW are people saying they’re not together??????

wehadfacesthen:The mode puts out to sea, fashion photo by Edward…

wehadfacesthen:The mode puts out to sea, fashion photo by Edward Steichen for Vogue, 1928

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