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Claire laughing-Cait laughing…



Some time ago I read an article that said that one of
the most difficult things to interpret for an actor is a laugh.

It can easily be false or excessive. Therefore, one of
the most used tricks when filming these scenes, is to provoke the actor with an
unexpected fact that makes him react genuinely and is used most of the time
being included in the final cut. An example: Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts did
not think that Richard Gere closed the box and a memorable scene remained.


We know that Cait has a very contagious and peculiar
laugh. We love to hear her laugh. How many times have we said that certain
scenes and smiles are more from Cait than Claire?


So, I imagine Sam doing everything possible to make her
laugh in this scene, either dancing or grimacing, and she, happily, reacts as
spontaneously as seen here.


Ridiculous human being 


Credit for gif authors. Thank you

I can’t wait to see that scene but more than that I so want to see the bloopers for it….no way there’s none…NO WAY!!!

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