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Dark Shines – Murder 2


Dark Shines – Murder 2

Jamie had been many things – rising star of criminal profiling, loving fiancé,
proud father, broken man, recovering addict, lover of a witch. Two years after
the imprisonment of Edinburgh’s Demon, he tries to balance the demands of his
present life, until his past comes awake to haunt him.

Coming this spring

philosophybits: “Existence really is an imperfect tense that never becomes a present.” — Friedrich…


“Existence really is an imperfect tense that never becomes a present.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, “On the Use and Abuse of History for Life”, Untimely Meditations

shalimarperfume: “Her mouth was so inviting, so swollen, as if for kissing…Her dark hair was all…


“Her mouth was so inviting, so swollen, as if for kissing…Her dark hair was all over the pillow, a dark pillow, all around her. Even in the candlelight her mouth shone red, and it was half open like a flame.”

Anaïs Nin, from Auletris: Erotica; “Life in Provincetown,

It really does sound like this was sams first time seeing FvF. I’m surprised.

How do you get that out of that story?  I think it’s more likely that got word that the Bloodshot trailer was showing before it and wanted to gauge audience reaction plus see it on the big screen.  Do you honestly think he wouldn’t go to see it when it was playing in the UK even if you can’t wrap your mind around the fact that he was in London doing ADR when FvF had TWO London premieres.  The first one covered by the press where Maestro was working and made his obligatory appearance (and then disappeared) or the one that followed right after with no press and likely more personal for friends and family.  Remember, she snuck into his TSWDM premiere and we only found out by accident due to a lucky photo and a very strategic mole pattern on her back.

But since you brought it up, anon.  I did catch something else when he was talking about FvF tonight with Josh.  He talked about how amazing Cait was and then mentioned her accent in the film. He said “it was tough, that was a tough one.”  Hmm, how would he know about how she found it tough?  Sure, she could have mentioned it but that sounded like a man who heard it being practiced regularly.  At home, perhaps?

It also reminded me of that podcast interview she gave last fall.   Where she also talked about the accent and how she has a good ear for them and that her husband made a snarky comment about why she’s good at it.  (Don’t ‘have the exact quote by said husband but I believe it was her husband not her “husband”.)

To me, that comment and then Sam’s comment tonight have a bit of a connecting thread to them.  At least that was my immediate gut reaction.

But nice try anon, I don’t think you’re surprised.  I think you’re trying to push an opinion that suits you.

Tony might have a career if he is Cait’s manager… Would explain his constant traveling with her? I mean no company or artist would hire him to produce music if he is constantly on the go with her…

Yes, I think he works for her… 

She probably hired him in 2016, when he started appearing everywhere

I don’t think that is a real career, no offense to him… he just married his employer, I mean, she sort of has to keep him employed and he does a shit job anyway

Not surprising, I mean, has he ever had a successful job? Not really

I also think it is beyond pathetic if he is working for her that Cait is pretending he is shy, private, and “not part of my work” and needs to be protected lol lol and has created a fake persona of a music producer 

The one she is trying to protect is only herself… and her image… doubt she does anything with Tony’s welfare in mind

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