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inthenoosphere: “Meaning hovers over the empty surface. An amorphous fluid mass of raw material….


“Meaning hovers over the empty surface. An amorphous fluid mass of raw material. Letter after letter appears, chiseling away. Something emerges.”

— Ahmed Salman

NSFW chapters that left us hot and flustered – A Master Post







Sooo… @ladyviolethummingbird said it would be great to have a list of everyone’s fave NSFW chapters. All she had to do was say the word.

Enjoy and add your own!



Flood My Mornings by @bonnie-wee-swordsmanchap. 7 [AO3]

Jamie goes through the stones, finds Claire in 1950, and tries to convince her that he’s not a ghost. I SOBBED reading this chapter. DEAD.

He felt his eyelids fall closed, time seeming to slow as he allowed himself to be dragged downward, his body remembering the way of hers without thought. His throat burned with grief. His chest heaved with loss. He felt his breath hot on his lips as he whispered,“‘Til our life shall be done, Claire.”

And with a sob of despair, he thrust home.


So Long As I’m With You by @claryclark chap. 18 [AO3]

Ex-First Lady Claire and ex-bodyguard Jamie on their wedding night. DEAD.

They moved together as he whispered to her his awe of her body, how good she felt wrapped around him, how the curves of her flesh drove him feral with need. He rocked his hips against her like the waves of the ocean breaking against the shore. Rolling, rising, and crashing, moving at a steady and practiced pace, controlled and agonizingly slow. She felt desperate as he withdrew from her, gasping and biting into her skin, before pitching back in, bit by bit, until he filled her once more.


Her Royal Highness by @missclairebelle – chap. 14 [AO3]

Queen-of-England Claire and

Crown Equerry Jamie making love for the first time in THE CABIN. DEAD.

“No man has ever done… that… to me… for me.”

For a moment he looked at her, the tension in his brows fading.  He lifted his chin, placed a single kiss where it had been resting.  “I’ve dreamed of having ye like this for weeks, Claire,” he confessed, fingers sinking deeper into the soft flesh of her thighs.  Though the statement required no clarification, he said, “Beneath my mouth.”


Five ways Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp break in their new home by @missclairebelle – part 2.0: washing machine [tumblr]

I think the title says it all. Home, sweet home. DEAD.

My voice faded off as I cried his name. “Jamie…” He was fostering an urgency in me, as though his ultimate goal was to make his name the only thing I had. 

Chest heaving, I submitted to his mouth’s demand. Without him asking, I turned those two syllables into my mantra, squirming against the mounting insistence of his fingers. The click as the washer flipped to the spin cycle, a quick vibration that I felt everywhere, jolted me and made me shriek.


Clair(e)voyance by @notevenjokingfic – chap. 4.5 [here]

Jamie teaches Claire some Gaelic in bed with a fun exercise. DEAD.

“Easy, Sorcha.”  Jamie wrapped a large hand around her leg, pressed on her to lower herself again.  “Dinna run from me just yet.”

He licked her again, tongue flat. He lifted his chin, rubbed the sensitive skin between her legs with the scruff on his chin.  She twitched.  Moaned.  When she looked at him again, he smiled.  A smile that said, trust me. I’ll take care of you.


Brave Enough to Love You by @laythornmuse  – chap. 5 and 6 [master list] [AO3]

After a rocky start to their marriage, Claire and Jamie connect in the Laird’s bedroom. DEAD.

What she saw frightened and thrilled her.  He stared at her, his eyes dark and hungry as he rolled between her knees and parted her thighs with his hips. A single thrust and he was inside her to the hilt, their lips exchanging moans and breathy gasps at the feel of their joining.
Claire felt stretched and full, and her belly quivered as she watched the emotion and pleasure ripple over Jamie’s face. He looked maddened and euphoric, and Claire felt her heart grow bold at having caused such pleasure.


This Is Us by @abbydebeaupreposts ​ – chap. 35 [AO3]

Claire and Jamie decide to try for a second child. They will need to go through an IVF procedure, but in Jamie’s words: “there is nothing more arousing than thinking of having baby-making sex with my wife!” DEAD.

Her mouth pressed against his ear, “I love it when you fuck me like this.” She felt his whole body shudder and he made a strangled noise in response. “How soaking wet I get when you lose control?” It was no lie. They both knew exactly how wet she was, how unbelievably hard his body was and how the friction, the bite of the wind between their legs, the grunts he was making were driving them both wild.


Back To You by @balfeheughlywed – Part 2, chap. 5 [AO3]

Garden shed, (unknowingly) pregnant sex. Need I say more? DEAD.

“Anyone could come in and see us.” “Let them,” he whispered, his eyes dark as he looked at her. She could feel his words and the look on his face in the rush of blood in her veins, in the way her pulse began to race to a completion she knew only he could bring her.

The rational part of her brain knew she should tell him to save it for later, when they were sure to be left alone, but the other part of her brain — the one that turned to mush when he so much as looked at her — had other plans. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in closer as she crushed her mouth against his.


I know there’s plenty more, so… who wants to play?

By popular demand, here come the links to the other chapters suggested by @jack-andthestalk (those that were not already in the list above!)

I haven’t read all of them and I’m soooo excited!!!


Her Royal Highness by @missclairebelle  – chap. 15 (Cabin) – [AO3] [tumblr]

Without another word, he spun them, lifting her to the counter and untying the robe. “I’ll never tire of this,” he said, though his words were lost in the incoherent moan she let loose as he took her breast in his hand, guided the peak between his lips. With his pajama pants pooled at his feet, his sweater knotted in her fingers, he entered her with the kind of blind passion that leads people to various indiscretions (to roger a woman outside of a pub in an alleyway, to allow fingers an exploration far further north beneath a wife’s skirt beneath a table draped in linen while discussing business with a colleague, or to fumble about for a space to land in a coat closet, joined among the foreign-scented winter things of strangers).


Back To You by @balfeheughlywed  – Arc I chap. 7 – [AO3] [tumblr]

Claire, a college senior, has met Jamie on campus – but he’s dating Laoghaire. FINALLY, he shows up at her flat and tells her she’s everything to him. DEAD.

His hips lifted off the mattress, a sound stuck between a moan and a groan leaving his lips. She took him deeper into her mouth, sucking, his hands tangling in her curls. When she used her teeth to scrape against him lightly, he bucked hard against her, both of them fighting to control their breathing.

She felt a thrill rush through her at the knowledge that he was completely under her power, his body belonging to her ( only her) as she worked him over, tongue and teeth and lips and hands. A startled gasp escaped her as he pulled her off him, flipping them over so he was on top of her.


Loss Ficlet “May 1, 2017″ by @missclairebelle  [AO3] [tumblr]

Claire leaves home to celebrate Jamie’s birthday in little more than a trenchcoat and a smile. DEAD.

“Then why ever in the world did you put me on your desk?” I slipped my fingers into the waistband of his dress trousers, pulling him closer. “It seems silly to waste your energy carrying me around if you don’t want to follow through.”

“What I want to do is to take ye right here on my desk.”


Streetlights by @claryclark  – chap. 4 [AO3] [tumblr]

Claire has just moved to London, and meets a handsome rugby player. DEAD.

I dug my teeth into the flesh of his earlobe before whispering, “I need you inside me.” 

He stumbled a bit at that and for a second I thought we might crash to the floor. Not that I would have minded. Instead he staggered over to the wall, there in the hallway that led to his bedroom, slamming me back against it. His mouth was warm and frantic on mine, while my hands busied themselves at the clasp of his belt. He broke the kiss, putting his lip to my ear, grinding against me as I whimpered.

“Do ye have any idea,” He began, before reaching down between us to run run his hand over my lacy black panties. He hissed loudly, feeling the wetness there.


An interruption in the first law in thermodynamics  by @whiskynottea – chap. 24 [AO3] [tumblr]

Jamie and Claire meet in High School and the adventure of togetherness begins. In this chapter, they  walk through the Meadows at night and sit on a bench… 

“Did anyone see us?” I asked him, once I met his eyes again. “Or hear us?” I was blushing even more, if that was even possible, but it turned out it wasn’t.

“I dinna ken.” He whispered, never taking his eyes from mine. “I dinna care.” He was still breathing heavily. “Ye… Ye drive me crazy, Claire.” Seeing that I didn’t reply, he added. “I’ve never done this before.”

I smiled at that, running my tongue on his bottom lip. “Me neither.”


Scalpel and Needle Arc I by @kalendraashtar  – chap. 19 [AO3] [tumblr]

Claire shows up at Jamie’s door to confess her feelings… DEAD. 

“And like this.” Throwing her a provocative gaze, he kneeled in front of her, helping her out of her jeans. Holding her eyes with his own, Jamie kissed the promise of warmth between her legs with such reverence that she almost collapsed. “And definitely like this.” Agonizingly slowly he hooked his fingers around her knickers and guided them in the direction of the floor, exposing her whole body to his marvelled contemplation. His palms found their grip on her round arse, his thumbs gently caressing the wings of her hip bones, as he guided her to sit on the armchair, his face secure between her legs.


The Rivers Between us by @jmoonrise – chap. 16 [AO3]

They were once two strangers passing each other, but maybe all love needs is a second chance. [excited to read this one!!]

“Claire, only for you,” I breathed into the hollow of her neck. She grasped my face and her eyes stared into mine, searching for something, and seemed to find it. My breathing was fast and labored, and I nearly caused my bottom lip to bleed. I kissed her and sank my tongue into her sweet mouth. Her tongue tangled languidly with mine as our bodies continued to rock together


A Man’s Soul by Jillian K – chap. 12 [AO3]

Claire is a widow with a young son in colonial North Carolina. Jamie is a mistreated indentured slave with a very painful past.  [excited to read this one!!]

He carried her to her bed, laying her carefully across the cream and blue quilt. She buried herself into its softness, her eyes slitted with lust for him, inviting him, beckoning him to her. The deep ache in him throbbed at the sight. His lady at last. A flash of lightening illuminated her beautifully. Jamie didn’t know where to start.


On Deadline by @convivialcamera – chap 12. [AO3] [tumblr]

Jamie is a reporter working for his uncle’s newspaper, and Claire comes into the Leoch Times as a new photographer. After a slow burn, THIS happens. DEAD.

He drew me to him again and had me neatly pinned under him before I could suck in air. Now completely in control, the power of his body became pressingly apparent. He was everywhere and I was falling apart in the frenzy. “Oh fuck,” said James Fraser, “Claire.”


Jimjeran Island Fever by @betweenthescenes – chap. 20 [AO3] [tumblr]

Claire is a nurse in the Peace Corps, spending 18 months in the Marshall Islands. Down the road, three Peace Corps volunteers–Jamie, Angus, and Rupert–are running the local elementary school. This is Jamie and Claire’s wedding night. [excited to read this one!!!] 

I got up on my knees, kissing his chest and neck. Though he seemed to enjoy the feel of my breasts in his hands, he finally said, “I dinna need any more turning on, Claire. Are you ready for me?”

“Of course,” I said, lying down and opening myself to him, watching his face as he entered me, his eyes widening in wonder.





After the events of the last couple of days, I think we all need some J & C lovin’… Right?

At least, judging by the state of my inbox…

(I get it, we’re all thirsty)

I have spent hours reading all the chapters that you have recommended. I also had to re-read those that I already know and love (yeah I’m that professional, ye ken).

Needless to say, I have two brain cells left and barely remember how to type.

OBVIOUSLY there will be a Part IV, and a Part V, maybe even more… so, if you have sent a rec but don’t see it in the list, bear with me. And my inbox is always open for more recs!

OK, here we go.


Stuck On You by @jack-andthestalk ​ – chap. 15, “To Wait” [tumblr] [AO3]

Jamie comes back in Claire’s life after two years apart. When they finally reconnect, after overcoming many obstacles, he tells Claire that he’d rather wait and make their “second first time” really special… But it doesn’t mean they are going to keep it platonic. DEAD.

“Jamie” I said in barely a whisper…”let me look after you?” I ran my hand down over the front of his jeans where his erection was still evident under my hand. He looked at me and then down at his own crotch where my hand rested. His eyes widened, shaking his head he stammered out “no Claire…I dinna want…ye dinna need to …”

“I want to”, I said edging closer and raising myself up slightly to rest on my forearm.

Jamie looked at me pleadingly, “Claire its ok” he whispered. I ignored his protestations, sliding the length of my body against him, “just relax.” Jamie stilled and swallowed hard, I could see the fight dissipate out of him when my body made contact with him.


Primary Colors by @triskeliontat – chap. 17, “The Real Thing” [AO3]

In this story, Claire is a Kindergarten teacher, and Jamie an artist. They invite Ian and Jenny for dinner to announce Claire’s pregnancy. At the end of the night, Jamie comes back to the kitchen and finds Claire washing the dishes… DEAD.

“Take me right here,” she breathed. As she said the words she felt heat pool in her stomach, and instinctively placed her hands tantalizingly on his belt. Without another word Jamie grabbed her by the hips, spinning her around so they were both facing the counter. Claire didn’t wait to be told, bending forward and splaying her fingers and arms across the counter top as if he was a cop arresting her on the hood of a car. Jamie spread her legs apart with his knees, and she felt a sharp tingle shoot all the way from her belly to her clit. As he gripped her waist over her dress to put her in place, she couldn’t help but let out a moan even though Jamie had barely touched her.


Pain in my Asana by @calliopemoonbeam – part VIII [tumblr] [AO3]

Jaime is a yoga teacher, Claire is his student. They start dating and Jamie offers Claire to give her a (multi-hour) tantric massage… DEAD.

Concentrating on the vibration of her body, he began the massage, watching her face as his right hand, his giving hand, drew circles over her clit. A surprised “oh,” left her mouth but her eyes stayed closed. Focusing on methodical circles followed by rolling her between his fingers and added pressure in specific moments, her head swayed to the side and she bit her lip, his favorite sight besides her eyes. With that motion alone he knew she was near the edge, so he relented. Adding more oil, he massaged her outer and inner lips, devoting the same care as he done over her whole body, giving the oft neglected part of the body the love and respect it deserved. Air flew out of her lungs in deep sighs.


McTavish & Beauchamp by @curlsgetdemgurls – chap. 21, “Positions of Power” [tumblr] [AO3]

What would have happened had Jamie and Claire kissed that first night at Leoch when Jamie held her in his arms? In this retelling of Outlander, Claire and Jamie are married and live in Lallybroch with their two children. They go back to Leoch for a visit and “rest” in their bedroom after a long journey… DEAD.

“Would you like to try somethin’?” He grinned, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Hmmm, depends what it is,” I smirked, taking my bottom lip between my teeth.

“I dinna imagine a proper English lass like yerself is familiar wi’ the term ‘soixante neuf’?” Jamie placed his hands on my shoulders, exerting gentle pressure and I sat down, coming face to face with his length.

“I know what sixty-nine means, Jamie,” I said, now breathless at his suggestion.


Were ye doing what I thought? by @thistlekat ​ – chap. 1, “Claire” [tumblr] [AO3]

A splendid canon-divergent one-shot. After a long day at Leoch, Claire goes to bed, but all she can think of is Jamie… DEAD. More on the other chapters later…

I made myself comfortable, then turned to blow out the small candle on my right. The room was left in the cool light of moon and stars, and I was left to think. I closed my eyes experimentally, but I’d already expected that I wouldn’t just go to sleep tonight. I had known it since breakfast, actually, and then I’d been somewhere between resignation and anticipation all day. Anticipation definitely won out as I let my hands wander over my body, imagining them to be bigger, strongly calloused, impatient and eager. I knew perfectly fine that the hands I imagined didn’t belong to my husband, but I felt no particular need to delve into the state of my conscience just now.

They were Jamie’s hands, of course.


The Heart of a Vow, by @zoe1078 ​ [tumblr] [AO3]

This is set directly after Laoghaire tries to seduce Jamie by the river. In this divergence, Claire followed Jamie to the river and witnessed the whole encounter. Here’s what might have happened after. DEAD.

“Jamie? Why aren’t you moving?”

[…] “I want to see ye. I want to feel ye. Show me.”

Then he proceeded to slowly explore her, carefully watching the expressions that flitted across her face, feeling the reactions of her sex wrapped tightly round him. He stroked her breasts and ran his fingers along the soft skin of her thighs, eliciting tiny shivers. He bent over to taste her, to see if she preferred his fingers on her nipples or his tongue, and she clutched him close, gasping. He touched her body where they joined, circling the little nub at the center of her pleasure, alternating between a light touch or a firm one.


First Time Here? by @crossinginstyle – chap. 2 “First Times All Around”, [AO3]

Jamie is a bartender and Claire is a long-time customer who keeps bringing in disappointing dates in the months after dumping Frank. But one day, she realizes that the right man was there all along. On their first night together, he confesses that he’s a virgin. DEAD.

I was already resigned to the fact that I likely wouldn’t find satisfaction this time, but to be honest I didn’t care. I’d never in my adult life been so focused on my partner’s pleasure, at the expense of my own. All I cared about was making Jamie’s first time memorable, and I couldn’t have cared less if I came. But in truth I was so wound up it wouldn’t take much to take me over the edge either.


That’s all for today guys! Hope you enjoyed :)

And to the legendary question…

I guess the answer is definitely…

You’ve outdone yourself here @holdhertightandsayhername!!! 😍🔥🔥🔥

This is the outcome of all the readers here after reading all that. 🔥🔥🔥


meatthawsmoth:Malatesta, “Class Struggle or Class Hatred”


Malatesta, “Class Struggle or Class Hatred”

ao3commentoftheday: In recent days, there have been a number of…


In recent days, there have been a number of posts on tumblr about third party apps that host AO3 fic on them. A lot of people are worried and even more people are pissed.

There is no need to send in emails to AO3 Support or to the Policy and Abuse team. They are fully aware of the situation and are probably drowning in emails right now. 

Here’s what I know and what you can do about it.

Fluff app / Fanfiction Pocket Archive Library app / Archive Track Reader app:

These apps work as a sort of skin for the AO3 site itself. They don’t download works and redistribute them. They provide an access point to AO3.

The developers of these apps are making money from the app itself (through tips and subscriptions – both voluntary), which wouldn’t exist without the free content created by AO3 authors. Since people post their work to AO3 because it is free to access and hosted without ads, authors are understandably angered by this.

Because these apps are basically just a portal to the site, a DMCA notice will not apply in this case. All works currently hosted on AO3 will show up on these apps, because these apps are simply letting you view AO3 through their interface.

Woodsign company apps (including MCU, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Creepypasta, and more):

These apps seem to curate  some fic from the various fandoms and rehost it. They allow users to read offline, so it’s possible they are redistributing it. In this case, a DMCA takedown might be effective.

This app developer is also making money by hosting fanfic that was written and posted for free on AO3. They have put up a paywall so that you can only access the complete fic if you pay for it or rate the app in the App store. 

If you want to post a negative review, consider saying things like:

* these fanworks are free already at
* you can kudos, comment, bookmark, subscribe, and mark to read for later for free with an account
* you can also download fics to read later in various file formats – both pdf and formats that are usable by ereaders
* is a website with full mobile browser accessibility. Anything you can do in this app, you can do on the site – for free, and without ads
* the Archive is a fully-licensed non-profit organization run by volunteers, unlike this for-profit app

There is no official AO3 app. The website is mobile friendly and if you want to have quick button access to it, you can Add to Homescreen on your phone and you can click in just like you would on an app. None of these third party apps can provide you with AO3 support. Only AO3 can do that. The best version of the site will always, always be the site itself.

If you’ve read this far, please signal boost so that AO3 Support can get fewer tickets. And if you love AO3, consider donating to them. They accept donations year round, not just during their pledge drives. 

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