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eternalmarilynmonroe: Marilyn Monroe photographed by Carl…

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Carl Perutz, 1958.

Allow me to interpret. CB looks uncomfortable because she has to remember to leave key words out of her answer: “The most outrageous thing I’ve done for love (of Sam) is to get (fake) married (to my PA, to maintain the single-available-Sam narrative that TPTB insist upon as being key to OL’s viability and because the whole fake casual gf narrative was killing Sam). I never thought I would (have to stoop so low as to) get (fake) married.” FYI – I speak fluent Show Biz BS.

Now this! I can believe.  She has proven herself to be the master of the well worded acceptance speech and the most tactful word arrangements since this whole thing began.  Well done Bilingual Anon!

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