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wonderlartcafe: Yamamoto Baiitsu (1783–1856) — Blossoming Plum Tree, 1834


Yamamoto Baiitsu (1783–1856) — Blossoming Plum Tree, 1834

neoyorzapoteca: “(An erasure of Virginia Woolf’s suicide letter to her husband, Leonard) Dearest, I…


“(An erasure of Virginia Woolf’s suicide letter to her husband, Leonard) Dearest, I feel certain I am going mad again. we will go through terrible times. And recover . I
begin to hear your voice, and can’t concentrate. So I am
doing what seems will give me the greatest possible happiness. I don’t think two people could have been happier with this disease. I
that without you I can’t properly feel . What I want to say is
You have
saved me. Everything has gone from me but the certainty of your goodness.”

—  Hanif Abdurraqib , 

The Author Writes The First Draft Of His Wedding Vows

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Hi! Could you do a top 10 these goobers love each other moments divided in a top 5 Cait moments and top 5 Sam moments? I woke up today missing their cute moments…

Hello there, Anon! Thanks for the ask!

Seriously, I love this ask so much. I was telling my GC that it’s asks like these that make me not regret keeping my inbox open, so thanks for that 😄

But also. This was a difficult question LOL. There are just so many little moments that I love and that I think show their Goobery Love™ so it’s hard to pinpoint just 5 for each. But hopefully you enjoy these moments I did pick and that it satisfies your cute moments craving! I know it certainly did mine 😊

5 Caitriona Moments (numbered, but not ranked)

1) The Look of Adoration. I’ve said before that this Fresno Bee vid is one of the very first ones I watched of them and it’s also the one that gave me pause because of the heart eyes Caitriona Mary Balfe is throwing at Sam Roland Heughan. Just look at that. She always listens to him so intently and with so much clear adoration and even after 6 years together and many of the same things said over and over again she’s still as invested in what he says as she has been from the beginning. 


2) The Origin Story. Whenever Caitriona talks about their chemistry test, she always emphasizes how good Sam made her feel and how instantaneously comfortable she felt with him. That connection and bond is so very evident when you watch the test video. This SAG interview always was very telling to me and has stuck in my mind for years since:

“I walked in and Sam was just this calm center in the room and there was zero posturing and zero ego. And I remember we just immediately started chatting about Scotland and I had friends who lived there. It was just like an old friend… I think we have a similar approach to life and we have a similar approach to acting. It just works… Sometimes you just get lucky. Sometimes the stars align.


3) The Look of Pride. ECCC 2017 was a GEM. There were so many absolutely fantastic moments and it was just so much fun for everyone, both attending and at home watching. Honestly, I think it might be one of the best Cons they’ve done. But the one moment that makes this list is when Sam was asked about MPC and he began describing what the program has accomplished thus far. She looked so incredibly proud of all of it and so ridiculously proud of that man, just as the President and Founder of the SRH Fan Club always is.


4) Cheer Squad. This is one of my favorite SamCait photos and moments of all time. The fact that Caitriona just sat outside with a homemade sign around her neck waiting for Sam to pass by during his LA Marathon run makes me emo, y’all. And I think it’s even more telling that she later tried to brush it off as her just rolling out of bed and going outside to greet him. The only part of that story I believe is the croissant LOL xD I’ll throw every single one my pennies to the person who can get me a pic of her sign that day!


5) The Good One. “He’s a good man.” “He’s perfect.” “I admire Sam’s big heart.” For as much teasing as she does (they both do, really) there’s endless amounts of praise and compliments she has about this man. There is no one who has more confidence, more faith, or more support for him than she does. But of course, gotta take the piss outta him to keep him grounded 😂💜


5 Sam Moments (numbered, but not ranked)

1) “To dress Caitriona is not difficult, she looks great in virtually everything.” I love the fact that he said this, but I love even more the proof of his believe in this statement even more! We see this all the time, from BAFTA last year to the Season 1 premiere to this Golden Globe moments, which is another favorite SamCait pic for me. To make an internationally successful, highly sought after model look as if this is the first person to every pay her a compliment? HEART. EYES.


2) FvF’s Freelance Marketer. Who needs a PR department when you have Sam plugging FvF basically any chance he can get?? Not just all the likes and RTs, and comments, but the fact that he took the opportunity to talk about FvF when he was asked unrelated questions about himself. His pride in that woman shines through every single time.


3) Best Dressed. If Caitriona’s chemistry test story always features her “calm center” impression, then Sam’s always features Caitriona’s dress. What an impression she must have made on him walking in and blowing them all away if he remembers the plaid dress she was wearing that day! Magic, literally right from the very first second.


4) Home Away From Home. I just found this comment so sincere and sweet. Caitriona has often talked about being like a vagabond, mostly living out of her suitcase when she was modelling and then when she first started Outlander with very little notice. So to come to this point after all these years where they both feel like she’s found a home in Scotland is just so beautiful. Bonus points for the hand pat + squeeze!!


5) Laughter is the Best Medicine. If ECCC was their best Con, then this FB Q+A might be their best interview ever 😂😂😂 I only meant to watch this one part so I could make this GIF, but ended up watching all 15 minutes instead LOL. Anyway. This moment has always been on of my favorite parts of the entire Q+A. Not only is Caitriona ADORABLE here, but Sam being so concerned over something so small is just touching to see! He basically checks with her 4 times to make sure she’s alright. But at the same time, he obviously is doing what he loves doing best: making sure she stays laughing! The fact that he loves seeing her smile, hearing her laugh, and making sure she’s doing both as often as he can is my favorite thing about him. Periodt. 


Thanks again for the ask, Anon! This was fun 💜💜💜



kalendraashtar: holdhertightandsayhername: Chapter 2 – New LandThank you to everyone who read…



Chapter 2 – New Land

Thank you to everyone who read chapter 1 and left me a comment! I’m excited to share this story with you.


A week later, I found myself on a rutted Macedonian road, tossed against my seat in a sweltering heat, desperately trying to breathe through my mouth as the driver opened a second pack of cigarettes. We’d been driving for about an hour, I had no idea where we were, and the thought was starting to creep into my mind that maybe, just maybe, this impromptu trip might not have been my brightest idea.

Read chapter 2 here

The level of detail in here and your commitment to honor this piece of our collective history makes you a great writer. The beauty in your descriptions takes my breath away, you make it seem so effortless, when I know damn well it’s not. And then this Jamie, that we are just discovering, sexy as hell if I must say it. Commanding, confident and a protector.

I love this with every beating of my heart and I hope people will cherish it for the breath of fresh air that it is. ❤️❤️

Never, never, never give up. [Churchill] You just can’t beat the person who never gives up. [Babe Ruth]

It Does My Heart Good: Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Chapter 6

Strange, the things you remember.

The flash of my mother’s face as she kissed me good-bye, and climbed into the car with my father, minutes away from an icy curve.

The scent of antiseptic in the operating room at the hospital where I completed my residency.

That there was a splinter at the corner of my desk, the morning Uncle Lamb changed my life with a video call.

“Are you sitting down, Claire?” he grinned. “Because it’s not every day that a phone call can change your life!”

I frowned. “What do you mean? Are you ill? Is it your heart again? I told Fez -”

“I have a group of very special visitors here in my living room. Here – let me hand the phone over.”

The picture swirled – and then focused on a young red-haired woman.

“Hello.” Her voice was strong, confident. “I don’t know how else to say this – but my name is Brianna.”

My hands started to shake violently. My heart stopped. And my voice – 

“Brianna,” I whispered, throat choked. “Oh, my darling. You’re so beautiful!”

She blushed. “I can say the same about you!”

I gripped the arm of my chair, knuckles going white. It was all I could do to not pass out there and then.

Brianna. My little girl – who I had spent eight glorious weeks with, almost twenty years ago. The ghost I lived with every single day – here, right in front of me!

“I’ve been looking for you for a while now – and I found Uncle Lamb in my research.”

I took a deep breath. “You – you’ve been looking for me?”

She nodded. “Yes. My parents – John and Isobel – they’ve supported me all throughout this journey.”

I swallowed. “Have you had a good life, Brianna?”

“I have! Mom and Dad – they gave me the best possible life. Here – ”

She switched the camera on the phone, and I saw a couple sitting close together on Uncle Lamb’s battered sofa, Fez waving next to them.

The Greys – I’d never forgotten their faces. How could I, when I had given them a part of my heart?

“Oh! Hello!” I waved back. “I don’t know what else to say but ‘thank you.’ It doesn’t sound like enough.”

“It’s us who should be thanking you,” John smiled. “Brianna is the dream we never thought we’d have.”

“We’re so proud of her,” Isobel added, sharing her husband’s smile. “She’s done all of the research on her own.”

Brianna flipped the camera back to her. “I want to come meet you, if that would be OK?”

“Oh, I can’t tell you how much I want to do that.” Hurriedly I wiped away tears. “But no need for you to come down here – I’ll gladly come to you. Fit in a visit to my crotchety old uncle while I’m at it.”

“Hey!” Lamb exclaimed off-camera.

Brianna smiled. “Well that’s good. Because there’s someone else who wants to see you.”

My mind raced. 

“Are you ready?” Brianna turned, speaking to someone I couldn’t see.

“Do you have a brother or sister, Brianna? Is that who’s there?”

The camera swirled as the phone was handed over.

“It isnae a brother or sister.”

I almost fell out of my chair.

The face I had dreamed of for nineteen years filled my phone screen.

“It’s me, Claire.”

I covered my mouth with one hand. Body heaving with sobs.

Tears streamed from Jamie Fraser’s eyes. But when he spoke, his voice was so, so strong.

“Dinna weep, mo nighean donn. By the grace of God, and the gift that is our daughter – we have each other again.”

“I – I – how?” I hiccuped.

“It’s all Brianna. She found me, in Glasgow – John and Isobel were kind enough to bring me to Boston.” He smiled. “We’ve so much to talk about.”

I nodded, sniffing. “I can’t wait. I’m leaving my office right now – I’ll be on the first flight up.”

“We’ll pick you up at the airport,” Lamb piped up, off-camera. “Fez, what do you say we throw a proper coming-home bash? Kebabs and champagne?”

The world spun around me. But I had to ask the question that had troubled me since the day I left Jamie at the airport in Glasgow.

“Jamie – I’m sorry, but I need to ask. Are you – are you alone?”

His eyes softened. “I was. But no’ anymore.”

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