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thelallybrochlibrary: Pearls, Plaids, & Pistols by @anoutlandishfanfic​Summary from the…


Pearls, Plaids, & Pistols by @anoutlandishfanfic

Summary from the author: “Jamie sends Claire thru the stones to save her and their child from the destruction Culloden will bring to the Scottish Highlands. But, there’s a catch: Jamie goes with her. Oh, and a double catch? They haven’t returned to Claire’s time.”

This fic takes a sharp turn into AU territory, with both Jamie and Claire going through the stones to a past time. With both of them now truly Outlanders, they have a lot of learning to do and plans to make in order for them to secure a place for themselves – and their growing family – in this new world. 

This story is a wonderfully original, creative take on the characters we know so well, and while it is not at this time complete, we can only hope to see more of this beautiful story at some point in the future!

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