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thekimonogallery: A finely embroidered silk kimono once worn by…


A finely embroidered silk kimono once worn by Kanehime, the wife of Tokugawa Yoshikatsu. Tokugawa Yoshikatsu was a daimyo that early in the Meiji era from the late Edo period in Japan.  About 1820’s, Japan.  Image via Pinterest

thekimonogallery: Artist unknown, Kosode with Overturned…


Artist unknown, Kosode with Overturned Flask Design, Mid to late 17th century, Edo period, 1603–1868, Kanoko shibori tie-dyeing and ink on white figured satin

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Ariwara no Narihira
Late 17th-early 18th century
Sumiyoshi Gukei, (Japanese, 1631-1705)
Edo period
Ink and color on silk, ivory jiku. H: 0.0 W: 52.0 cm
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Clark
Freer Gallery of Art F1997.9

Is not the moon the same?
The spring
The spring of old?
Only this body of mine
Is the same body… .

Image and description via The Freer Gallery: “The poem written in the elegant style of Japanese imperial court calligraphers expresses the sentiments of the courtier who gazes longingly from the veranda. This painting illustrates section four of Tales of Ise (Ise monogatari), in which an unnamed courtier traditionally identified with the poet and romantic hero Ariwara no Narihira (825–880) returns to the site of a love affair that had ended abruptly the previous year when the lady had moved away without a word. Transience and melancholy are eloquently expressed through the setting: a chilly night just at the transition from winter to spring, when the plum trees are in bloom. Sumiyoshi Gukei belonged to a family of painters who had served the imperial court. His father, Sumiyoshi Hiromichi (Jokei), whose handscroll painting, The Tale of the Uji Bridge Lady, had moved from the imperial capital of Kyoto to Edo to serve the Tokugawa shoguns.  Translation from Helen Craig McCullough, Tales of Ise (Stanford University Press, 1968)  via: Freer Gallery


Queue Tuesday am

月やあらぬ 春や昔の春ならぬ わが身は一つもとの身にして

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Titanic conspiracy exposed

Head canon: Accepted


Let’s not forget Jack has the exact same haircut as John Connor


My god…


barcarole: Umberto Eco and Susan Sontag listening to a talk by…


Umberto Eco and Susan Sontag listening to a talk by Roland Barthes, 1970s.

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