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gastairfad:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Heartbreaking and precious at the same time!!! Well done…


😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Heartbreaking and precious at the same time!!! Well done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😍😍😍


We lost our child. But by the grace of god, we may be given another…

thelallybrochlibrary: FEATURE FRIDAY: AUTHOR EDITION This week The Lallybroch Library is featuring…




This week The Lallybroch Library is featuring our friend from @imagineclaireandjamie​- @lenny9987​! 

Lenny has been her internet name for so long now that she also answers to it in real life! Lenny found a gif-set from S1A (Season 1- the first few set of episodes) that came across her dash in the fall of 2014. She then learned that it was a series of books so she read all 8 books in the series. Then she caught up of S1A, and fully caught up right before S2B premiered! 

As for writing Outlander Fanfiction, Lenny says that @gotham-ruaidh​ got her to write her first little ficlet back in October of 2015 She says that she sticks pretty exclusively to writing Outlander fanfic.

Lenny’s favorite character to write in terms of dialogue is Jenny because she loves coming up with the quips for her. In terms of story and story, she loves anything with Jamie and William Ransom. She says, “One of my favorite fics I’ve ever written (and hope to revisit some day) is Mac Ruaidh where Jamie gets to raise William as his own and William grows up conflating Jamie’s stories about Claire with what little he knows of his mother.”

As for her least favorite character, Lenny dislikes writing Black Jack Randall. She says that finds him pretty flat/one dimensional in the canon and she cannot write a version where he’s anything more than that!

Lenny’s favorite pieces that she has written: Shorter, multi-chapters would be a tie between Collision Course and Mac Ruaidh.  For her longer multi-chapter she says it’s The Nature of Choice. because she has a solid idea when and how the story is going to end!

Her favorite Outlander quote:

“They kind of used something similar to my favorite Echo quote in the last few episodes but it’s the scene after Jamie visits Laoghaire and has it out with her one final time, then returns to Claire at Lallybroch and asks if she’d ever doubted he needed her and she doesn’t realize just how serious/emotional he is and: “No,” I replied promptly. “To the best of my knowledge, you needed me urgently the moment I saw you. And I haven’t had reason to think you’ve got any more self-sufficient since.“

As for the inspiration for her stories, Lenny says she pretty much always writes canon divergent AUs. This can be from either the show or the original canon, but it’s more likely to come from the books. Thus, most of her fics usually start out with a “What If?” that she can’t seem to get out of her head.

Lenny’s writing habits include:

“I try to write a little every day (though it hasn’t been fanfic as much lately). If I’m on my computer, I try to make myself write at least 250 words of a fic and then give myself a break to watch 10 minutes of a movie/show or read a chapter of a book or something. That gets me through writer’s block/tough parts pretty well. If I get going/into the flow, I end up forgetting to check the word count and then get super happy that I wrote so much in one sitting.”

And her tips for new writers:

“Focus on smaller pieces if you get overwhelmed. Just a paragraph and then you can take a break or just the next 100 words. Don’t kill yourself trying to force something too daunting. Break it into smaller chunks. Enjoy the rabbit holes you stumble upon while researching (my favorite thing I inadvertently learned was that the original concept for the board game Clue included a shillelagh as one of the weapons).”

Lenny’s favorite fanfic trope is a slow burn with angst, but beyond that  she doesn’t read a whole lot of fanfic! She intends to and leaves them open on her computer, but then it usually forces an update she loses track of the tabs. (Sigh we feel that because don’t we all!)

Lenny’s favorite book in the series is Voyager. She says she likes it because of all the emotional work that goes into creating their reunion and making their relationship work for the people they have become. She also loves their struggle to create lives for themselves outside of each other during the time they spent apart. She feels like they fell so hard and so quickly for one another  and also w ent through so much in their short time together that they lost a bit of themselves in the process. Voyager was probably a healthy way  for them to reestablish it all for themselves- it’s what makes their fitting back together difficult and awkward, but we can all see it pay off in the later books!

Catch Lenny on her own blog, @imagineclaireandjamie​, or on AO3!

Lenny’s Masterlist | Lenny’s Imagine Masterlist | Lenny’s AO3

Stay tuned next week for another Author’s feature! 


Her Royal Highness


Final chapter tomorrow. Catch up or give yourself a quick reminder of where we left off!

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