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mama I’m scared. I’m 70+++ and have respiratory issues. I’m staying away from crowds, at home, doing all that is recommended, but I wonder if I haven’t done enough to sanitize, wash hands etc. I feel dispensable, not worth making an effort for by the system in case of shortages in equipment or hospital care if needed.

Oh…😢 Darlin’. Such a scary time. You’re in the States I assume? Staying home and washing your hands, avoiding crowds, all those things they tell us to do…if you’re doing that then that’s good. We have two confirmed cases here who are isolated in their homes but nothing in the hospital yet. Elective surgeries are cancelled until further notice and people aren’t being held unless absolutely necessary. So the patients who are still there are the sickest, for non-Covid reasons, and the visitor restrictions leave them alone with their thoughts for too much of the day. I have seen the fear in someone’s eyes as they say what you’re saying and I don’t have an answer for them either except that we need to take this one day at a time, each do our part, and we will get through it together. Can you do online ordering and grocery delivery? Or is there someone…family or a neighbour nearby to help? No one is dispensable. Everyone is worth fighting for. If you feel that your government doesn’t feel this way, know that your doctors and nurses do. I send you love and strength Anon. Reach out again and let us know how you’re doing. These are scary times and no one needs to be alone. ❤️❤️😘

ladyviolethummingbird:Mint & Thistles 🌿🍃🌷Chapter 31 – Old Sins Cast Long ShadowsEmerging from…


Mint & Thistles 🌿🍃🌷

Chapter 31 – Old Sins Cast Long Shadows

Emerging from the darkness during a storm, Jamie has unexpectedly shown up at Claire’s cottage. How did he find her and what does he want? 🌿🍃🌷


Thank you to the lovely @jack-andthestalk for her help with this chapter 😘 We’re finally at the explanation stage – I know some of you had this picked right from the start! Next chapter is well underway so hopefully not too long to wait for what’s next. Thank you so much for reading and for all your comments – I read them all (several times!). And finally, in these uncertain times I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Hopefully this can be a minor distraction from the not-so-fun news each day. Take care xx 💕

thelallybrochlibrary: Claire comes back early with Bree: Category ListIt’s a trope we all know and…



Claire comes back early with Bree: Category List

It’s a trope we all know and love in this fandom! That 20 year gap is just sometimes not what we want to read. Below is a list of fic in which Claire goes back through the Stones to find Jamie earlier than in the canon. Some of these are complete while others are still WIPs. As always, we did our best to find as many as we can, but let us know if we have missed any! Happy Reading! 

Absence by @missclairebelle

Pulled just right, a single loose thread can unravel a tapestry. In November 1951, two everyday things managed to pull that thread, and along with it the rug out from under me. First was my daughter’s screaming meltdown during my fourth trip to the market in search of ingredients for her birthday cake. Second was my need for a checkbook to purchase a birthday cake for my daughter when baking seemed futile. It was a Tuesday when the tapestry of my world began to unravel.

A Knock at the Door by @lenny9987

Prompt: This may sound crazy but imagine Claire went back but said No to Frank and decided to raise Bree in Scotland on her own. After researching and being sure Bree can travel, she goes back but comes at the time Jamie is living with Laoghaire.

Born Out of Time by @writtenthroughtime

What if, with Bree originally being meant to be born in XVIII century, and with only one of the parents being a traveler, she was getting sicker every day and the only cure was to get her back to her own time?

Come Hell or Helwater by  @lenny9987​ for @imagineclaireandjamie

Prompt: Imagine that Claire had come back to the past early (with Brianna), and ended up taking a job at Helwater, at least temporarily, so that she could stay close to Jamie.

I love you beyond the brink of madness by RedStarFiction

A canon divergence – Claire takes Bree back to the 18th Century during Jamie’s time a Helwater.

The Lady of Ardsmuir by  PentoPaper23* (orphaned account on AO3)

Claire, after only being gone for 1 year decides to go back through the stones along with her baby daughter Brianna. But upon being recognized as Jamie’s wife is taken and placed Ardsmuir, several years before Jamie is caught and sent there.   *IF this author is on Tumblr please let a Librarian know!

The Nature of Choice by @lenny9987

When Claire answers the phone in Frank’s study and knocks over a folder of research, she learns the truth about what happened to Jamie and her journey back to him begins but she isn’t going back to him alone.

The Song of Wandering Frasers by abreathofsnowandashes

What if Frank didn’t die that night? Instead Claire discovers that he had found proof of Jamie being alive and kept it from her. What does she do with that information? Canon divergence.

Whatever a Moon Has Meant by @crossinginstyle

When Frank attempts to take custody of Brianna, she and Claire find themselves falling back through time. But Claire never wanted to return to a world that doesn’t have Jamie in it, and now she’s forced to navigate the dangers and protect her young daughter all alone.

But when they become separated, Claire must go to great lengths to find her, and Brianna finds safety with a kind printer…

nelfs: i will say that this coronavirus scare has definitely revealed that minimum-wage service…


i will say that this coronavirus scare has definitely revealed that minimum-wage service workers are absolutely instrumental for society to function… all the hoity-toity business meetings can be cancelled, the NBA can be cancelled, public schools and colleges can be cancelled, government meetings can be cancelled, but the checkout line at the grocery store can’t be cancelled… in a perfect world i’d hope that this was a bellwether for better treatment of workers like me but i know we’ll just continue to get paid min wage with no rewards or thank-yous from the world during this time lolololol

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