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Tiny dirty stray kitten hanging out at the bottom of our stairs since yesterday. There are a lot of self-reliant ferals around our apartment, but this little thing was dirty & covered in burrs. We gave it some chicken but couldn’t catch it. I think it may have wandered over from the outdoor cat hoarder colony down the street; that house is awful & we saw kittens there last week.

This morning the downstairs neighbor managed to grab it for us, and I put it on this cozy towel & started combing and picking the burrs & sticks out of its fur. It calmed down immediately and has been chilling here with me in the kitchen ever since. Got a vet appointment in an hour to get my little buddy cleaned up & checked out. I hope it isn’t too sick; I think it might have a cold.

If we can, we are probably going to keep her.


What a difference a day makes! Took this little guy to the vet, got the fleas and dirt washed off him, got some antibiotics for a slight cold, but he is otherwise fine. Kneading and purring up a storm, eating a lot and being heart-crushingly adorable. 

We have named this glorious creature Nux.


A little over a month later and Nux is growing into a very long and floppy shoulder cat!

Oh my god!!!!

i’m so happy for this cat i hope nux knows im proud of him

I just told him!

What s gorgeous cat! That cat will love you forever, in a cat kind of way! Our two wild street kittens turned into fine house cats! Bless you for your goodness. ❤️🥰

NUX has made my quarantine.

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Aren’t most of the oldsters trump supporters?


“2.5% of the population which is generally expensive to maintain and not productive”

love how this guy is literally saying “we should murder disabled people because it’s expensive to keep them alive and they don’t make money for the ruling class” like, publicly on twitter. can someone give him a taste of his own medicine and kill him instead?


The GOP is really out there advocating to let millions of “undesirables” die to protect the fortunes of billionaires.

thelallybrochlibrary: AUs in which Claire either does not go through the stones at the end of Season…



AUs in which Claire either does not go through the stones at the end of Season 2/Dragonfly in Amber, or comes back shortly after. In response to this ask.

The Brian and Ellen Live AU (Return to Lallybroch on AO3) by @gotham-ruaidh for @imagineclaireandjamie

Imagine how the Outlander story would be different if Brian and Ellen Fraser were still alive. 

A Broken Promise by @callysymms and @renee-writer

Claire breaks the promise she made to Jamie on the eve of Culloden, comes back through the stones, and heads to Lallybroch.

Faith Fluff Days by @lenny9987

A series of Faith-centric bits of fluff. Not one consistent AU at play, just Faith being alive and well.

Five Years by 


A look into the life of the Fraser family at Lallybroch. A Faith Lives AU. No 20 year separation to be found here!

Gone by @mo-nighean-rouge

Jamie Fraser prepares to send Claire and Faith through the stones. A last-minute interference puts them all at stake.

La responsabilité d’un frère | Protégé by @writtenthroughtime for @imagineclaireandjamie

Claire stays and has Brianna at Lallybroch; Fergus gets an introduction to his new little sister.

New Beginning by spanglyforever

What if Claire never went back to Frank after Culloden, how would things have been different for Claire & Jamie, for the Frasers and Murrays. Would they stay in Scotland or would they have gone to America?

The Sacrifices We Make by @lawofavgs

On the eve of the Battle of Culloden, Jamie brings Claire to Craigh Na Dun, intent on sending her and their unborn child to the safety of the 20th century. If there’s one thing they should know by now, it’s that fate doesn’t always conform to their wishes.

Shifted by @gotham-ruaidh

What if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

The Tagalong by @lenny9987 for @imagineclaireandjamie

Written for the prompt: What if Fergus had gone through the Stones after Culloden accidentally or on purpose and found Claire and Bree?

To Build a Home by @cagedbirdsong

A canon divergence that begins with Claire and Jamie going to Lallybroch instead of France. After the death of their firstborn child, the couple must prepare for the coming war. With a surprise pregnancy discovered shortly before the Battle of Culloden, however, the couple must begin to make preparations for the rest of their lives and decide what they are going to do in order to survive the aftermath and the chaos of war-torn Scotland. Claire stays AU.

To Heart and Home by @walkinginland

What if the stones didn’t work, and Claire couldn’t go back? What if during his time at Helwater, Jamie had a certain wee red-haired lass to keep him busy? It’s a season 3 fix-it….

You Bloody Stubborn Scot by  hunting_in_wonderland2

Claire stays after Culloden au. Jamie is saved again. Murtagh lives. Takes place immediately during and after Culloden.

What You Don’t Know by CellarDoor17

Jamie does not realize that Claire is pregnant, allowing her to stay during and after Culloden.

***If there are any fics you know of that fit the category, yet are not on the list, please let us know so that we can add them!***

wickedgoodbooks: Chapter 39 – Ready [read ch39 on Ao3]  ✽ ✽…


Chapter 39 – Ready

[read ch39 on Ao3]  ✽ ✽ ✽  [Masterlist for Downhill on tumblr]


many of you have probably heard by now that one of the most talented writers of our fandom has decided to stop writing fanfiction. I’m talking about @kalendraashtar, for those of you who do not yet know (sorry for the blow).

Ever since I joined this platform as a reader, hiding behind my anonymity, her stories were among those that left me wanting for more, following every chapter, every update, every word. 

She’s had some of the most unique takes on our beloved Jamie and Claire, and always delivered great (and often outstanding) prose. My personal favourite of them all– Magnificient Strangers. A story so hauntingly beautiful and moving that even now, it makes my throat tight just thinking about it.

so, in order to pay her my respects–for being a writer who inspired me to do better myself, as a creator who nurtured my reader’s need, and as a human being for her utter kindness and civility, even in the face of adversity–I would like to dedicate this chapter to her. It is one of my all-time favourites, and one we all have waited for for a very long time.
please enjoy. 

and thank you Kal.

Chapter 39 – Ready

The call signal had barely gone through when the familiar sing-song voice of her best friend picked up.

“Miss us already, hen?”

“Of course, I do,” Claire answered truthfully, sitting down on her bed. “Just wanted to check in on you two—hear what kind of fun you’re having without me.”

“All safe and sound,” Geillis replied, chewing on something crispy. “It wasnae an exciting day. The wee bean napped through most o’ the afternoon—he was fair knackered after the train ride. Good thing ye thought o’ packing Mr Puff, he still sleeps like the deid wi’ it.”

“Good, I’m glad,” she said, meaning it, but there was a slight strain in her voice.

“Are ye awright, hen?” The physical distance between them didn’t lessen her best friend’s acute perception. “I ken it’ll no’ be easy being away from Willie fer this long fer the first time, but ye ken he’s in good hands wi’ me, aye?”

“It’s not that, Gee,” she replied, flinging herself back on the bed. “I mean, yes, it’s that, too, obviously. But right now, it feels more like the days when I was on night shift and he stayed home or at the nursery—or rather, it feels like he’s away on night shift right now and I’m waiting at home. I know that sounds ridiculous—”

“No, it doesnae,” Geillis stopped her. “And if that thought helps ye, hang on tae it. Nae need tae question yerself more ‘n necessary.”

Claire sighed audibly, running a hand over her face.

“If this isnae aboot the wee one, I’m guessing it’s aboot the big Ginge?”

She took a long moment to answer. “In a way, yes. It’s about tonight.”

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What is the name and author of the story in which an arrangement is made for Claire to marry Jamie, a mute and humble farmer? I loved the story, and would love to read it again. Thank you!

Hello @luckeylass!

It sounds like you’re looking for Loving Jamie by JillianK on AO3.

Happy Reading!

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