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wickedgoodbooks: Chapter 40 – Light in the Dark [read ch 40 on…


Chapter 40 – Light in the Dark

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this chapter was both–a pleasure and a hassle to write. I’ve no idea how that first scene came into existence (because I had not planned that at all), but I quite like it.
While I do love nods to canon, I usually try not to use too many direct quotes, especially not in one chapter. for this chapter I made an exception, though. First, a dedication to my friend @happytoobserve because it’s her favourite quote and I promised I’d try to work it in somewhere (I did it!) and the other, because it just works really, really well for what I was trying to convey here.

so, long story short, I hope you enjoy this installment–chapter 40!
Omg, 40 chapters…how crazy is that? When I began shaping this story I thought I could maybe make it to 20, and now…well, we’re not too far from the finish line, but definitely a good handful yet to come.

So, to celebrate all of you who contributed to the INCREDIBLE 41k+ hits, to bookmarks, kudos, subscriptions, and comments. I see all of you, I appreciate that you still have faith in me and this story.
[oh, and NSFW ahead :D]


Chapter 40 – Light in the Dark

He was dead.

If nothing else, that much seemed clear. At least, it was the only sensible explanation he could come up with for the serenity that filled him from the callus of his big toes to the follicles of his hair.

The cause of his premature passing could have been anything. Jamie had no idea and didn’t really care, though he found it marginally curious that he still had the capacity for thought. Those were fleeting ponderings, however; insignificant considerations in the face of eternity. For that’s what lay before him: heaven personified.

A sleeping angel.

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thefandomlesbian: Hey, everyone! Due to the sudden influx of viewers on AO3, the site has had to…


Hey, everyone! Due to the sudden influx of viewers on AO3, the site has had to modify some things, including the experience of guest users and how hits are counted on the site. This is not the fault of AO3 (they’re doing their best to keep things up and running for all of us), but if you’re a guest user following stories on AO3, PLEASE make sure to leave kudos for your authors to see. We understand it can be difficult to get an account on AO3 (probably more now with COVID-19 leaving people in their homes), but sudden drops in statistics can be inexplicable and disheartening.

Keep your heads up, people. We’re gonna get through this.

Bluegrass-Chapter Fifteen


                      A special thanks to @statell​ for your help and wisdom

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Chapter Fifteen

After the holiday was over, the house returned to its beautiful but emotionless condition. True, it could grace the cover of Architectural Digest, but there was no heartbeat and Claire missed the special holiday trimmings that greeted her every time she walked in. She didn’t know how to tell Jamie. Even though he said partners in everything, she wasn’t feeling her personality as part of the home. She would try to find a way to tell him.

They fell into a peaceful routine of extravagant dinners and long walks with the horses in the afternoons. It was a time they both looked forward to during the day, and today was no exception. Claire arrived to curry and brush both horses, pulling treats from her pocket for the two of them. They walked into one of the pastures and let the horses run.

“Has the nomination already been done? You haven’t said anything about it.”

“No, Sassenach, I’ll not be nominating Runner for the crown.”

Claire was stunned. She looked at Jamie for a long minute before she could decide what to say next.

“How in the world can you not nominate him, after all we’ve done. Jamie, what are you planning for the next half of the Road races?”

“I’m pullin you after the first race love. Runner retires from racing and you go back to bein a vet, where it’s safe.”

Claire’s heart was ramming in her chest so hard she couldn’t catch her breath, nor could she speak. She stared at Jamie with an incredulous look on her face, clutching her chest to breathe.

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vtbrewer: cottageinthelandserene: Because everyone is in…


Because everyone is in lockdown, the wild mountain goats have taken over a town in North Wales.




Tagalong prompt: I would 💕 to read about the birth of Patience and why she was given her ‘virtue’ Christian name. Maybe we could find out more about William and Jacob too? Thank you.

Tagalong One Shot #2

“She’s a lass, Mam?” Jacob asked, climbing onto the bed to curl up next to Claire and stare down at his newborn sister, consciously happy to be a big brother but only just starting to feel the shift of attention away from him to the new baby of the family. 

“Yes she is,” Claire crooned as the baby freed her arm from the blanket to stretch. Jacob quickly reached out and caught hold of her curled fist, stroking her knuckles with his thumb and watching, mesmerized as her fingers splayed in response. 

“What’re ye callin’ her?” Brianna asked from beside Jamie. With him seated and her standing, Brianna was a few inches taller. Even with Claire’s letters detailing the changes in their children over the years, it had been a shock to see them grown so much, especially Brianna who, at nearly fifteen, could hardly be considered a lass any longer. Though, perhaps it was the way she looked after young Roger that drove the fact home. If she had her way (and she likely would, having Claire and Jenny as her primary role models), it wouldn’t be much longer before Roger looked after her in the same way.

“Her name is Patience,” Claire told their brood. She didn’t think she would never tire of seeing them all under the same roof, let alone in the same room. Fergus stood at Jamie’s other side, a congratulatory hand on his shoulder. Roger leaned against the window frame, his arms crossed and that little bit apart that still broke Claire’s heart after so many years – uncomfortable being included cause he still didn’t know how he fit with the rest of them during moments like this. 

“Patience?” William repeated, skeptically. He’d taken up a post on the other side of the bed but held back, considering himself too grown to crawl up next to Claire like Jacob had. 

“Aye,” Jamie said. “She wouldna be here were we no able to wait and be patient through all we’ve suffered, bein’ apart. She’s the reward for all that. The last of you bairns God’s gifted to us.”

“Well,” Brianna said, striding over to the bed and reaching down to take the babe from their mother’s arms. “I did always wish for a wee sister.” Jacob frowned to William who shrugged as Brianna carried the baby over to Jamie so Fergus and Roger could have a better look at her. 

“Da says she’s the last,” Jacob said quietly to Claire.

“I think so, darling,” Claire told him. They hadn’t been trying for another child — hadn’t thought it possible, let alone likely. But they’d certainly been happy when her irregular courses had given way to additional symptoms of pregnancy rather than menopause. They would be careful for a few more years though. It had been more difficult this time than with either of the boys. After all their years apart — first when she and Fergus had gone to the 20th century, then with Jamie away at prison before being paroled and finally returning home — they weren’t willing to risk anything happening to either of them if they could take steps to prevent it. 

Besides, their family felt complete. Jamie had missed so much of Jacob’s infancy as well as all of Brianna’s. He wouldn’t miss that again and they would have some years before Brianna was likely to wed and possibly leave Lallybroch. 

“I cannae believe I was ever so wee,” Jacob declared, looking at how small Patience was in Jamie’s arms. 

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