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clipout: Heart Sutra (般若心経) sung by Japanese buddhist monk Kanho…


Heart Sutra (般若心経) sung by Japanese buddhist monk Kanho Yakushiji (薬師寺寛邦), at Tenryuji Temple (天龍寺), Kyoto in 2018.

Crash Course Love


Infinite thanks to @anna-swims​ and @lcbeauchampoftarth​ for being awesome betas.

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12: Past Tense [Claire]

I’d been dreaming of Jamie.

I had dreamed of his hands roving all over me, touching me, pleasuring me. I thought I had dreamt his hand on my breast, his arousal pressed against my bum, and I shamelessly ground my body on his, in my lust-fueled dream. The sound of his voice had hit me and it had stopped being a dream.

I’d made it become reality. I’d gone for broke and kissed him, and more. What on earth had possessed me to do that?

You’re insanely attracted to him, that’s why.

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People seem upset/annoyed that negative comments are being deleted from Sam’s posts. Good for him I say. This has gone on long enough and I don’t blame him or whoever is doing it for getting rid of the crap and yes hopefully blocking the trolls. I’m getting the sense that some here think he deserves the bad comments. Have people forgotten both he and C have mentioned how social media can affect mental health? Why should he put up with those comments?

They aren’t deleting the comments for his mental health. They’re deleting the comments to prevent others from seeing them. They’re in damage control and spin mode right about now.

He/they screwed up. Badly. And now he is paying the price. Something tells me they’re pretty surprised that it’s lasted this long, he’s usually been Teflon Sam after a few days of any issue.

Granted, there are some who are over-the-top rude with their comments and those should be deleted but until he indicates he’s home and actually apologizes, I don’t think it will stop.

The whole incident will definitely lessen over time but it will always be there in the background for some.

And God forbid he does the Sunday night Q&A from Hawaii , then he will have blown a ton of good will.

alleenickel: i love all these posts about blizzard and hong kong but,,, no one talks about tik…


i love all these posts about blizzard and hong kong but,,, no one talks about tik tok?? and how it’s owned by one of the richest people in china?? how it records your face, your voice, the inside of your home, your location, and quite possibly bugs your phone??

boycotting blizzard is great. do that. but also:

– delete your tik tok account

– uninstall the app

– stop supporting it by sharing tik tok videos and the like

locagonia: Rachel Weisz


Rachel Weisz


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