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Series and AUs

Taken: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: An AU diverging from the end of Dragonfly in Amber. Claire is stopped by a redcoat soldier just as she tries to flee through the stones before the battle of Culloden. Complete.

Survivors: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: The sequel to Taken. With Claire and Jamie reunited after Culloden, they must find a way to survive British revenge upon the rebel Jacobites. Complete.

Small Blessings: A modern day AU focusing on Claire and Jamie’s family. Each chapter can stand separately. Third Word and Une Nouvelle Famille follow.

The Dunbonnet’s Cave: Chapters 1, 2, 3, and *now with an additional chapter 4*: In response to this prompt: “Anonymous asked: What if Claire had a medical conference in Scotland, in her time, and couldn’t resist visiting Lallybroch. She then finds a stone or discovers the cave Jamie stayed in and sees something Jamie carved there.” Complete.

  • New Life: A follow up ficlet to the Dunbonnet’s Cave, in which the Frasers welcome a new member of the family.

Pre Wedding Fics: series complete

  • Mistress Beauchamp: A little ficlet inspired by the following anonymous prompt: Pre-Wedding Jamie and Claire are my weakness and I’ve always thought Jamie’s crush on her was incredibly adorable and obviously the sexual tension was pretty great too. Perhaps a missing scene from these episodes where Jamie thinks about her (naughty or not)? Or something like that :) Complete.
  • The Innkeeper:  Response to an anonymous prompt: “I’ve always wanted one where Jamie/Sam is jealous and can’t stand that Claire/cait is getting to much attention from another suitor, pre wedding?” Complete.
  • Infatuation, part 1 and Part 2: Response to an anonymous prompt requesting Jamie as a voyeur, watching Claire. Complete.
  • The Night Before: The night before the wedding, from Jamie’s point of view. 
  • The Night Of: The wedding night, from Jamie’s point of view. Last in the series.

Another Life: PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8. Explores an alternate universe in which Black Jack actually is Frank’s direct ancestor. Therefore, when Jamie castrates him, Frank is never born, causing enormous ripples in time that completely change the course of their lives. In progress.


The Occasion of Sin: missing scene from Outlander book 1, set in Leoch after Jamie and Claire were married. It’s my explanation as to why Laoghaire left the ill wish beneath Claire’s pillow. Complete.

Need (Part 1) and Need (Part 2): A little Jamie x Claire ficlet set within DIA. Complete.

The Heart of a Vow: This one’s for @thatwetwomaybeone, who requested a story with the following prompt: “After the spanking and Claire turning Jamie away and Leghair trying to tempt him, Jamie went to Claire to try and resolve matters. Could we see what Claire would have done had it been her approaching Jamie to resolve things? I guess I just want some more smut!” Complete.

The ParadoxAn alternate version of Chapter 21 of DIA, in which Claire explains what might happen to her if Frank is never born. 

The Five Senses: @a-tourist-in-the-waking-world asked for some S2E8 (The Fox’s Lair) smut, but not in the obvious place. Very NSFW, with no redeeming plot whatsoever. Complete.

A Bed of Grass: missing smutlet from S2E8 (The Fox’s Lair) that explains how Claire got those teasel heads in her hair on the way to Lord Lovat’s. Complete.

Only a Momentthis little ficlet is a little missing smut from S2E9 (Je Suis Prest) from a request from @a-tourist-in-the-waking-world. Complete.

chanelbagsandcigarettedrags: “Maybe they were just curious to observe the chemistry between two…


“Maybe they were just curious to observe the chemistry between two people who, over the course of several years, apparently could not leave one another alone.”

— Normal People, Sally Rooney



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