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Bharatnātyam – Classical Dance
If you opened the Shāstras and searched for the meaning of a Goddess, you would find a lady doing Bharatnātyam.
(via Twitter: The Narrator)

I studied this in college. She is telling a story about Krishna.

Learning to dance this made my soul sing.

I love this so much, the passion and precision in these movements, beauty that foregrounds power and energy, the lines she’s making are so dynamic and the drapery flows like emphasis around them.

This is the kind of dance that makes me want to dance.

jenny-jinya: I really wanted to draw a comic about green…


I really wanted to draw a comic about green turtles ;_;
they’re facing so many hardships and are classified as endangered.

I want this issue to get more attention.

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In Kyoto, Japan’s old capital, right until the first few years of the last century one sure sign of spring was the Shirakawame, the flower maidens in their special costumes selling flowers on the streets of the city. It is said that the practice started in the Heian period (794-1185) with market ladies delivering flowers to the imperial palace, but by the Edo period (1603-1886) the Shirakawame was almost exlusively young ladies selling flowers in the street.  Text and image via Tokyobling



致命的败局 2020-05-09T09:00:59.000Z

>>> 日本之所以走向戰爭,中層軍官是重要推力,由於制度遮蔽,他們看不到全部真相,特別容易被神話、激情所欺騙。而高層卻以為用製造神話、煽情能凝聚中層、把握更多的資源。 雖然生物界經常是牛搖尾巴,但在權力場中,常常是尾巴搖牛。 事發之前沒有反對聲音: 雖然歷史不能假設,但如果來棲、野村能不顧一切,果斷向美國讓步,結果會不會改變呢? 事實上,不會。 因為在不良大環境中,上層普遍都是精緻的利己主義者,正如山本五十六反對自殺潛艇,但依然在實戰中使用,表示一下異議,已是有人性的最高證明了。 一個社會缺乏「忠誠的反對者」,只會增加「不忠誠的贊同者」。 開局錯了就很容易一錯到底: 二戰中的日本,原本有足夠機會來修復錯誤,既然受侵華戰爭拖累,退兵就是,雖然沒得到想要的,但至少不用再付代價了。 也就是說,當時的日本內部也是有能力換掉東條英機的,但是由於戰爭事態一步步惡化,最終總要有人為此負責。所以,日本內部各方決定保持沈默,讓東條英機繼續幹下去。戰後,東條英機等人負責上國際法庭,其他各方負責重建日本。 from Facebook via IFTTT

警員集體違法 繼鄧炳強後林志偉發信籲同袍:一念之差破壞組織成果 | 立場報道 | 立場新聞 2020-05-09T07:33:03.000Z

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