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Something interesting I’ve learned – although I don’t know if this has a name in any other language, but in Korean this position is called “manner legs”. It refers to people stretching their legs to sink down to a smaller height so people working or filming with them could either work on their hair and makeup or appear to be their same height.

This is the opposite of the one comic where the artist insists the characters just carry boxes at all times to explain why the short characters can suddenly see eye-to-eye with the tall characters in close-up shots.

Wait wait I’ve seen someone else do this


jensen ackles also does manner legs :)

My quickest, silliest sketch to illustrate the most polite legs in show business…

Matthew Goode does manner legs too😂

A Journey of a Thousand Kisses

A Journey of a Thousand Kisses:



Jamie and Claire meet at Craigh Na Dun and take a ride to Lallybroch.

Frank has been long dead in the war. Jamie was pardoned before his return from Paris. The MacKenzies never set eyes on Claire. The only obstacle in their way is Time.

Words: 8113, Chapters: 1/7, Language: English

The Dreams We’re Holding (Market Price)




Rating: G

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SummaryJamie gives Claire a present for the baby, a conversation ensues.

A/N: Thank you so much to my beta crew. The true MVPs. And MANY thanks to Danielle for the nugget of an idea that blossomed into what you’re about to read!

“Now can you feel anything?”

For days, Claire has been able to catch flutters of life in her womb, and when she thinks it might be strong enough for Jamie to feel – and if he’s in the same room – there are mad grabs for his hands, trying to guide him toward the movement. It never happens in time, though, and she’s starting to feel a little guilty each time his eyes light up.

There’s hope now, with his hand resting flat on the spot where she planted him, but as soon as he grins, it fades. “I cannae be sure…I thought, mebbe…” If there was a kick, it was too fleeting, and he doesn’t feel anything else.

“I’m sorry, Jamie,” she sighs, reaching out to let her thumb lightly graze the dashed scar on his cheek. “Maybe I should stop saying anything.”

“No, I dinna want to miss it,” Jamie counters stubbornly, though he does lean down to speak against her delicately-rounded belly. “Ye could make yerself known to me any day, a leannan,” he murmurs, then looks up at Claire, eyeing her also-round (and larger) breasts. “I suppose I can just appreciate the visible evidence for now.”

“Don’t be filthy in front of the baby,” she admonishes, lightly smacking his shoulder.

“Sassenach, if the baby can hear us, then I dinna want to think about what filthy things it’s heard already.”

Their peals of laughter drown out the television, but he reaches for the remote and turns it off anyway before standing.

“Speakin’ of the bairn, I have somethin’ for ye. For both of ye,” he amends as he hesitates for a moment, then simply disappears down the hall to their bedroom.


What a lovely read. :-)

I love these two so very much!!

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