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gnossiennestrois: Normal People by Sally RooneyConnection


Normal People by Sally RooneyConnection

孔誥烽:北京與港人 誰應更怕「攬炒」? – 20200525 – 觀點 2020-05-25T08:20:49.000Z

//在政治上,北京對香港的鎮壓,其實有沒有國安條例,都已經愈來愈窒息,分別只是鎮壓是由在不少市民眼中已經失控的香港警察執行,還是由不少市民認為本來已經在香港暗地運作的操北京話國安走上地面執行。 但在經濟上,假使有一天美國真的要全面取消香港的獨立關稅區地位,香港因此失去中國離岸金融中心的功能,對一般市民是禍是福,還說不定。長期以來,香港民生問題的一個根源,便是過度依賴壟斷金融和房地產的單元經濟結構。若香港少了來洗白的黑錢、來香港獲取香港身分再跳去西方的權貴,和在香港炒賣房地產和股票的各種熱錢,香港房價租金下滑,經過一輪陣痛,香港經濟轉化成不少香港人嚮往的台灣南部城市那種以自主、草根小企業和本土消費為主體,並非不可想像。 北京出重拳建立全面管治權,好像很黑暗,但這一擊,也可能是絕望的黃蜂尾後針。香港將在將臨的混亂中向下沉淪,抑或向上提升,便看港人是否已經煉成鋼鐵的意志與樂觀的主體意識了。// from Facebook via IFTTT

恆指22952點 說好的大跌市呢 快啲啦等咩 2020-05-25T10:04:54.000Z

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lovinghk: protesters at causeway bay, hong kong (photo by chan…


protesters at causeway bay, hong kong (photo by chan cheuk-fai | initium media | 24 may 2020)

New UK legal advice could open door to Hong Kong citizens

(source: the guardian | 24 may 2020) Home Office ministers have been resisting a claim to a legal right of abode on the basis it might be in breach of the understandings the UK government reached with China alongside the 1984 joint declaration on the future of Hong Kong.

The issue has suddenly regained importance after the Chinese government said it intended to impose sweeping new security laws on Hong Kong that risk its semi-autonomous status.The offer of a right of abode to BN(O) passport-holders is seen as one of the few practical steps that may be in the sole gift of the UK, the former colonial power of the city, to alleviate the plight of citizens fearing persecution by the Chinese state.

A group of Tory MPs, led by Bob Seely and Imran Ahmad Khan, have seen the new legal advice and want at least a clear government statement that no legal obstacle exists to an offer of a right of abode, and any refusal to make that offer is purely a political or diplomatic choice.

Lazy Dancer


A/N This little scene has been bouncing around in my head for days.  Set in no particular universe, it’s Jamie and Claire in modern times, sharing a peaceful moment.  It also kills two birds with one stone, as it fills the Week 18 prompt (”wide awake”) from @gotham-ruaidh ‘s writing workshop.  AND finally puts me on the board for the @outlanderbingo2020 challenge for the “I missed you” tile.

Inspired by the Metric song Collect Call, which you can check out here.

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scapegrace74-blog: Calculation Theme A/N  Another little ficlet in the Outlander modern AU I’ve…


Calculation Theme

A/N  Another little ficlet in the Outlander modern AU I’ve decided to call the Metric universe, since both stories have thus far been inspired by songs from that band.   

Although not necessary to understand this fic, and in no way told in a linear fashion, here is the other ficlet in this universe: Lazy Dancer

All you need to know is that Jamie is a firefighter, Claire is a nurse and medical student, and they live together in present day London.

This story also fulfills the prompt from @gotham-ruaidh‘s writing workshop: I understand none of those things (found in bold in the text).

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